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  1. Karendar
    Focuspower f8's... They apparently work well with no.disconnects. sound is apparently decent too. 55$ US off amazon or aliexpress.

    Otherwise, treblab x2 has a promo going on, they sell for like 40$ with a coupon code. Only issue is they look like the airpods.
  2. Tommy C
    Been using the Jabra Elite Sport and PSB TW1 both with zero connectivity issues.
    PSB TW1 has the best sound, pretty much as good as wired earphones. For $150 it’s a top performer.
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  3. barondla
    Agree! Takes a big research budget to make wireless IEMs that truly work well. Not an easy task.
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  4. Tommy C
    Yeah, to me it’s well worth the price of admission for a frustration-free listening experience on the go.
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  5. Midgetguy
    I'd even add Bragi to the list, though they lag behind some of the other major brands in sound quality (understandably since they don't make any sort of audiophile offering). But the audio quality is still acceptable enough for its intended uses and, at least for my Headphone, I can't say anything bad about functionality. The controls work well, great connection between device and bud and bud-to-bud, and a 5-6 hour battery life with comfortable fit. And they don't even really stick out of my ears that much either so ergonomically pretty top-notch as well. Bragi proves that you can make do truly wireless from humble beginnings....if you don't keep making literally all the wrong decisions you could possibly make.
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  6. MIBUK
    There’s a write up on The Verge I think, where Bragi’s end game is AI and the IEMs are just a way to help develop that. They have some more to release, but it seems that it won’t be their focus in the future as they try to build an AI platform for others to use.
  7. Martin Howell
    I was "lucky" enough to receive one set of Airs. I say "lucky" as of course they do not work with constant drop outs. I too am on the Eoz Air bandwagon and looking forward to them. In the meantime I've also received my Liberty+ which work excellently.
  8. wilberforce55
    I too am a "lucky" recipient of two pairs of crappy airs

    I have the Beoplay e8. Superb sound and pretty perfect connection
  9. bjaardker
    Bragi never came through for me. I got a pair of DOAs and they gave me the run around just long enough for my 30 day return to run out, now they're asking me to pay shipping for the RMA of a product that never worked in the first place. IMHO that's terrible customer service.

    I ended up ordering the Zolo Liberty+ on KS and they turned out to be a decent investment.
  10. boblauer
    Last report that was the date, did you get your configure email as that has some of the details/dates.
  11. Midgetguy
    Really unfortunate for you. Did you go the route of the Dash? I bought a set of used-like-new Headphones on eBay and I've had zero problems with them; undoubtedly $50 well spent. I've read of issues with the Dash and that their customer service is middling at best, if not just crap a fair amount of the time.

    I do have the Zolo Liberty + from KS though. I need to find some time to list those for sale. They sound good, and I didn't really have any issues with them, but ergonomically, they just don't work for me. The shell's too bulky and for them to sound their best to me, I needed to use Spinfits, but I couldn't have Spinfits on and still have them fit in the charging case, so I'd have to take the tips off all the time. Haven't used them since the first week I got them. And they didn't have any onboard volume control at that point, bit of an oversight now that I think about it in the context of fully wireless units. I think the pure functional nature of the Bragi Headphones has spoiled me. Its simplicity and control scheme is just objectively GOOD. There's no fluff, no extra unnecessary functions: play/pause, answer calls (if you pair it to a phone) and skip forward/backward are on one button, volume up and transparency on is on a second button, and volume down and transparency off are on a third button. All three buttons have great tactile feedback and aren't too hard or too easy to push. The Liberty+'s single large button was too easy to push IMO and I was unhappy with the push times because you'd either end up pushing too long or not long enough. I've shut off my Liberty+ before because the combo of an easy-to-press button, the large shells sticking out of my ears, and having a beanie on did the long press function to shut off the buds. So unfortunately for me, the Liberty+ has just been an ergonomic nightmare and because of that, I've been happy trading off sound quality for the overall fit and function of the Bragi Headphone instead.
  12. bjaardker
    Yup, Bragi Dash. The buds would never sync up with each other and thus were never visible to be paired with. Went through all sorts of gyrations with their support before they would finally relent and say they were bad. By then it was too late to return. Had I known they wouldn't just crossship a new pair to me or send me a label for RMA, I would have returned them using the free shipping label from the retailer. Lesson learned. I guess I'll get around to RMA'ing them on my own dime at some point. Until then they sit on a shelf.
  13. Nimweth
  14. sejsel
    Nimweth, I think the whole functionality of the Icarus I is covered (the bluetooth part) by the Icarus II - but I can also understand why you would want to alternate between the two.
    But that is besides the subject here.

    The thing is - all of that would be nice, if we were ever to see either of these items.

    I have honestly lost any hope of that ever happening, saying this without any malice or ill will towards the Trinity, they are in enough of their own mess to need anything additional.
    Sure, they have taken our - my money, to me, the disappointment of these product being marketed and then never released, and all of what is accompanying it, outweighs even (at the preorder rebated price) the loss of money. I have, after all, not ordered the more expensive items and then been left in the cold waiting for them for more than one year and not ever receiving anything.

    Most of all, there is and was no real communication (open one) with the customers, not to mention all of the other accompanying staff, you can read all of this thread for yourself.
  15. SCBob
    Regarding Sounding familiar, anyone ?
    Yes Wimpy.jpg
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