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  1. Stenso
    I am quietly confident that I will receive my Pheonix and my Iccarus 4.
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  2. Layman1
    I, on the other hand, am confidently quiet :p
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  3. lbritish
    As an update... My package tracking number that I was given made it to Los Angeles California which is good since I'm in northern California.... Except now the tracking says it is on its way to Lyons Colorado....when it should have been Sacramento or San Francisco as a regional destination facility.... Unless someone borked it bad at the postal service it seems I was given someone else's tracking number....
  4. lbritish
    Since Lyons has a population around 2000.... If someone ordered one from there.... It's on it's way :p
  5. WhiteKnite
    Funny how shortly after Bob started IMR, I suggested this may be the case... but was met by a bunch of die hard Bob defenders. I mean he was designing the R1 originally for Trinity, back when we were still being promised the Hunters before the holiday (of 2016!). When considering the evidence I have more than enough to never trust Bob again either. Even if it isn't the case, I wouldn't forgive him for all the lies he told on here. I mean there were so many. Even if the lies came from higher up (which I highly doubt), he was the one feeding us the information and stringing us along, and blaming Jake.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
  6. dave9527
    Capture+_2017-09-13-02-02-48.png Remember this?
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  7. Karendar
    Anyone wanna buy an IMR R1?? Guaranteed™ delivery. :wink: Hahah
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  8. Lurk650
    LOL when I was in SJ I needed to order a Windows Reinstall USB through Asus. It got shipped from a warehouse 5 minutes from my house in Milpitas, shipped up to Sacramento then all the way back down to SJ. It was the most confusing thing ever. I still wonder if I could have just driven over and got the damn USB and saved myself a 3 day wait.

    Something else I've ordered in the past (last year) went from So Cal to Tenneesee then to SF
  9. Karendar
    Soooo... Noone else has gotten anything?
  10. sejsel
    Yeah, regarding the Icarus II, i got this... :

    " Hello,
    I do apologise for not getting back to you , we were expecting a stock shipment of , we were told we would be getting them late February, but it looks like now we be getting them middle of March, which I understand it’s frustrating probably more so , we don’t like disappointing our loyal customers , wish there was a better , positive update . This is all we been told on the shipment at the moment.

    Trinity Audio Engineering Ltd


    Sounding familiar, anyone ?
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
  11. Tommy C
    Those guys are crooks and I feel bad for those who invested in their vaporware.
    If a business has no shareholder, (Marie Timms has left) an officer who claims he is no longer with Trinity (Joe Ashley Watts claimed that), no active website and no phone line - what else is left? They are just playing games with everyone.
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  12. xoxiax
    that's what it is, we've been robbed and we are doing nothing about it
  13. Tommy C
    UK customers may have better chances if it’s worth taking the legal action route.
    There is probably not much money left under Trinity - they played their cards well with the Trinity —> IMR switcheroo.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
  14. Karendar
    Loyal customers... Oh boy that one is FU-NN-AY!
  15. sejsel
    Well, I didn't mean to focus on particular details of this mail.

    Moreover so since this is the (to the letter) the exactly identical reply all other members got lately, disregarding what product they were querying (about).
    Mind you - and all of us here, the Icarus II is (in my eyes) very specific case, since there were never existing pics of this very, finished and truly functional or existing produc, the Icarus II.

    In that regard it feels that this item is one interesting and extreme detail in this whole case.

    Thus far anyway, I would be looking forward that the Trinity surprises us all positively, however unlikely that sounds.

    We will know the full truth eventually, if we do not allready.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018

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