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  1. sejsel
    ... the lecture from the Paypal today was "you have counted the days wrong", yesterday was 22, you ordered on 25th, so you have missed by few days.

    Furthermore, you get told how are you supposed to feel about the issue, get accompanying "mmm" "mmm" "mmm" at each three words you are saying over the phone, (the point was to show the outmost lack of interest on his behalf) and also pointed out that you are not supposed to "lecture" the "customers representative" on the other side of the line how the business conversation, or conversation in general is conducted.

    All of this has been done by the same person - that very "customers representative"...

    If I ever, at my job(s), had the liberty or audacity of treating the people I was providing the service(s) to in a manner even remotely close to what the person at paypal was obviously encouraged to do, I would have been on the street the very same day...

    But, hey, I can only curse myself for ever getting the higher education and general education, and probably whatever I got left of my manners...

    The epilogue at the Facebook PayPal page is even better... "could you please pm us so that we can use the telephone call in the coaching of our staff to avoid future problems with customers, thank you and goodbye, you are being silently dismissed"...
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2018
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  2. sejsel
    ... I've heard, incidentally, that Bullshido is favorite martial art taught at some dojos in the vicinity of the paypal offices... :deadhorse:
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2018
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  3. nealwm
    Hey...got this reply today responding to questions about my undelivered orders...oh, I see others got the same reply with just the specific item changed...Trinity being Trinity I suppose.

    “I do apologies for not getting back to you, we have had a little set back after Christmas , we were expecting a stock shipment of our Air’s , we were told we would be getting them late February, but it looks like now we be getting them middle of March, which I understand it’s frustrating probably more so , we don’t like disappointing our loyal customers , wish there was a better , positive update . This is all we been told on the shipment at the moment.”


  4. SofaSamuraiX
    Huh, you sure you didn't just get my email by mistake? 'cept mine says Phoenix I think.... Huh.
  5. sejsel
    Now, here is the (interesting) one : will we ever see the same mail about the DAP, Icarus II ?
  6. Tommy C
    Honest question, who here believes they will deliver the Phoenix and fulfill outstanding orders?
    To me it looks like they are just buying time and will dissolve the company very soon.
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  7. HungryPanda
    Can't find my crystal ball at the moment
  8. hernandoco
    You don't need one. With Trinity the answer is always "Guaranteed"
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  9. lbritish

  10. sejsel

    Interesting to see that even the venerable HAL9000 got confused by this...
    Odyssey indeed...
  11. Karendar
    Paypal is notoriously inflexible. Which is why I always keep an eye on protection deadlines. :/
  12. Darkestred
    I was told a little over a week ago that they would look into my order. I have not heard back. Not to say i was expecting anything.
  13. nealwm
    I am expecting to receive the above stock reply for the Icarus IV & I that I ordered pre-order (oh, and paid for as well).
  14. sejsel
    I never did... I thought actually the money was gone since long ago, probably two months or so... out of the sheer coincidence discovered how late the order was made, and thought that I could raise the case with paypal, so that is how it went.

    But it was a very good lesson for dealings with the paypal. The bank says that they cannot do much about it either.
  15. Tommy C
    Generally speaking banks won’t do a thing, because it’s not like someone hacked your account and stole $500, it was rather an authorized transaction.
    Credit cards companies and PayPal on the other hand both offer some level of buyers protection.
    I won’t be surprised if both will cut ties with Trinity based on the current situation.

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