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  1. HombreCangrejo
    Finally, my PM6 order is now trackable. I should receive it next week.
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  2. Karendar
    There seems to be a lot of movement lately... Good news.
  3. Tommy C
    Good news. Are you in the UK?
  4. HombreCangrejo
    Spain. Normally takes 4-5 working days to arrive.
  5. Karendar
    Kieran just said my order has shipped and gave me a tracking number... I am shocked.

    **Edit** tracking actually has movement on it. Wow.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2018
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  6. Tommy C
    Congrats man. I hope this time it’s for real.
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  7. Karendar
    Here's hoping. I can finally be done with this company. :D Only thing I'll miss is the thread.
  8. bk123
    Congrats Karendar!!
    I hope you will not be disappointed at least with PM6
  9. Midgetguy
    Ah, the classic outside-insider info. My 1000 comment was in regards to all the KS orders, not just for the PM6. There's at least a 1000 IEM orders total between the two lines since there's over a 1000 backers. A majority would be for Airs, some would be for PM6, and some might have ordered both. But the math stands: 1000+ backers means 1000+ IEMs ordered with likely a large majority still needing to be shipped.

    Don't you worry, I've given up on the Airs. It could be a nice paperweight if it shows up at some point. While the Bragi Headphone I've got leaves something to be desired in the sound quality department, it's easy to use, reliable, and meets its 5-6 hour claims for battery life. Oh yeah, and I physically have it and can use it. Huge game-changer vs the Airs :p
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  10. Monsoon
    I just checked mine, they posted it on Wednesday and it's on it's way to Canada right now. I'm honestly surprised it's coming.
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  11. Karendar
    I was just adding precision, as we've seen more PM6 movement than Air.. :wink: Air is pretty much Vaporware. Don't know if they ship a few, wait for feedback then stop shipment again to fix problems... If so, they're in for a long haul.
  12. Midgetguy
    Any sort of movement feels impressive at this point. Because at least a few select people can say they're getting a product. Kind of a glass half full outlook right? Except the glass isn't 50% full, it's more like 5% full. Fingers crossed it gets fuller than that :D
  13. OldDude04
    I wonder if I'll ever see the Icarus I? Lol.
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  14. Watermelon Boi
    Maybe it's called airs cuz U CAN'T SEE IT lol
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2018
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  15. hernandoco
    That's awesome. I'm happy for you guys. You guys purchased on the website though right? Mine was from the Kickstarter so maybe my chances are slimmer but at least there's some movement.

    What was included in the box and was it complete? When you guys get a chance, could you folks post some photos?
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