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  1. MIBUK
    Karendar is Bob :)
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  2. OldDude04

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  3. Watermelon Boi
    I'm still wondering why Trinity always has been relying their profit from making new products. Discontinuing products even before people get to buy em and rushing to release another new gear, again and again. (while the well related RockJaw barely releases anything these days.. not sure if they're even alive lol)

    If TA was having financial problems couldn't they just keep the formal iems that's been gaining good feedbacks, instead of ditching it? They certainly had an odd way doing business..
  4. Karendar
    When your rep is burned, you try new things to gain momentum... When you have very little experience in marketing, you try BAD things to gain momentum. :)

    Trinity was in financial turmoil due to the Air... They just couldn't get over that failure. The Hunter was another failure due to the titanium shell machining.
  5. Karendar
  6. dave9527
  7. chasolla
    I think that I should apologise,

    I'm sure that it will move to March if they ever get a working website.
  8. bk123
    I received my PM6 yesterday. Bought it from their website June 28, 2016
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  9. Karendar
    Nice! Congrats. Did it ship from the UK?
  10. bk123
    Thanks Karendar
    Yes, through royal mail
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  11. Jackpot77
    More importantly, how do they sound?
  12. sejsel
    No need for apologizing, misreads (if that was the case - Icarus II was not announced until later than 18th february last year, so I presumed that by itself excluded the 18th. feb. 2017) and misunderstandings can always occur.

    Website has been down now for a while, which is not a good sign - website down means also trinity blog is down. I have not heard about anything since the latest tweet - from the company itself.

    Furthermore, the Icarus II is rather specific story in the context, having in mind that the pics of the product are (were) not ever released - to this date.
    I would be pleasantly suprised if the Icarus II ever gets shipped, not how optimistic would sound that the deadline would be pushed to March. From the today's perspective, that sounds rather optimistic. The approximate date for the shipping, at the website, while it was still up, was announced as 18th. February (I assume 2018).

    The question is how many people got their PM6s and more importantly, how come that Karendar is so sparse with his inside info :D
  13. Midgetguy
    Frankly, surprising if anyone gets anything at this point. There's, as near as makes no difference, 1000 people waiting for a PM6, an Air (which likely won't work), or both. And those products at least existed in physical form for a time, unlike the Icarus DAP line. I dunno how much redesigning or production stoppage they had, but for a year's worth of delay and counting, simply "packing staff cuts" isn't gonna fly as an excuse.
    These would logistically be ridiculous staff cuts in order to be barely shipping anything at all the way they've been doing. You can look at the math, even if we assume the cuts are drastic to the point of going down to a single person doing the packing. I think a reasonable calculation would be 40 IEMs packaged/8-hour day; this is assuming a SINGLE person doing packaging, which breaks down to 5 IEMs packed/hour. I think 10 minutes per package is reasonable: IEMs and accessories nicely into the package, package into a box, seal it up, and label it. At that rate and with some generous time-padding, 2 months is plenty of time for even a SINGLE person packing IEMs 8 hrs/day to get roughly 1000 IEMs packed up. If they're receiving enough production material to pack, there's no reason why the shipping rate is so absolutely abysmal, even if the damned things don't work. "Packaging staff cuts" just doesn't work as an excuse on its own when the delay is so massive.

    Where IS that @Karendar with their insider info? :p
  14. bk123
    I can see a clear improvement in hot treble issue. Actually, I received the first version of it in the month of April last year. However, I had to send it back due to some loose connection issue. unfortunately, it got stolen in transit. And that's why I get another pair so late.
    I had a word with Bob before his departure from Trinity. He confirmed that based on some feedback he had done some minor tweak to tame treble on PM6.
    I think it is much better now. So far I have tested it with gunmetal and green filters. I have done some modifications in gunmetal though. I removed the white mesh from back of this filter and using the black foam (from other filters)inside it.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2018
  15. Karendar
    It's "outside inside" info. I just asked questions I knew could be answered by the right people. No more info to gain on that front. :p Just know that items are still being sent out. And I gave numbers on KS and IGG stats for the PM6, none of those will even reach the thousands... It's 200'ish max... We've seen at least a dozen posted here. It's also safe to say that others outside of head-fi have gotten some... Guestimate is max 60 were shipped out.

    I would give up on figuring out the Air, as that's checked off as a loss to me.
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