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  1. jim723
    I received the Icarus III on Monday as the USPS tracking indicated. The built quality is pretty solid but will need a little time to get used to the cables.

    I have only had a couple of hours of listening to the Icarus III today at work. They came with the purple/damper filter already installed. My first impression was that there is too much bass and the bass sounded muddy. I switched to the Vyrus gunmetal/damper filters that I happened to have with me and the bass got cleaned up a little bit. The mids and treble are smoother than the PM4 for sure. Will need more time with the Icarus III to have better idea if I will be selling the PM4.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2017
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  2. hernandoco
    I was refused a refund because I was a KS backer.
  3. Midgetguy
    @dave9527 had since mentioned that they meant it's easy if the creator agrees to it. In the sense that KS defers to the creator when refunds are in question. In this case, Trinity Audio is opting not to refund crowdfunding orders such as KS and IGG so @dave9527's statement does not apply.
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  4. dave9527
    You are correct
  5. dave9527
    Shoudn't they clear the backlog first?
  6. LonghornTech
    I know it's unlikely, but I reaaaaaally really hope @Bobtrinity rejoins the forum.
  7. OldDude04
    Yup, I'd like to know where that guy ends up.
  8. dave9527
    Agree, I don't believe it's solely Bob's/Jake's responsibilities, Bob may join here to let us know what really happened
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  9. harpo1
    I seriously doubt that will happen. Bob just doesn't seem like the type to air his dirty laundry on a public forum.
  10. Remiam7
    I have to wonder if the Icarus IV will really be designed by someone else now.
  11. HungryPanda
    and will it really ship in August?
  12. wingnuts21
    im still waiting for my hunters , i think it was possibly a typo in the email and should have read
    • We have shipped 72 Hunters globally leaving just 928 left to finishing building and ship (will ship within 321 days)
    • We have shipped 208 Master 6 (pre order and kickstarter) globally leaving 792 left to finish and ship (will ship within 321 days)
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  13. wilberforce55
  14. Karendar
    Yeah... Hence why I refunded. I just can't believe what they say anymore...
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  15. Midgetguy
    I keep thinking "oh, a final chance I can get what's reportedly a great IEM at a fantastic price", but at the same time, I hold off because there's so little assurance of it coming in anything resembling a timely manner.
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