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  1. rr12267
    Have you tried PM'ing Dan directly now that there is a new sheriff in town?
  2. Karendar
    No, not yet. I'll try this later today.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2017
  3. Karendar
    Do tell, because it's NOT that easy for a lot of us who are refused by our credit card company and who are refused by Trinity.
  4. 2Dutch
    Usually projects make it very clear that there are 'no refunds'. Imagine if everyone would refund a delayed Kickstarter project..I've backed more than 100 and most of them are late (a little to a lot).
    I imagine you could try and talk to your credit card company, but I'm not sure why they would refund. So out of curiosity: how can someone make refunds from a KS-project happen if they clearly state you can't get one?
  5. dave9527
    Oh sorry, I mean if project creator willing to...
  6. Karendar
    Credit card companies only refund if it's a case of fraud or non-delivery and only if you get someone knowledgeable and nice. It's not an easy venture...
  7. Midgetguy
    But that's not the one I care about because I didn't order it! :p

    Although another thing to point out, that KS Air update said that several of the new Air units were shipped out to people for testing and now they'll resume shipping it to everyone. But would it not have been a really smart idea to ship it to, I dunno, more than ONE Head-Fier for validation? @harpo1 is the only one I know of that got one from the new batch, but there are clearly way more people judging by the fact that a dedicated thread exists for it (which has been, content-wise, silent for quite some time now). Things can't really get all that much worse at this point, why not market the product by sending it to people who will actually write something about it? Give yourself some actual exposure.

    Well I say you'll probably be waiting longer than 3 weeks. I interpreted that update as saying 3 weeks before Trinity themselves get shipment which means at least a few weeks added to that for them to pack and ship to you.
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  8. PxOR
    who tagged this thread? I mean...she used to call me on my cell phone?
  9. PxOR
    Also can anyone point me to a PM6 review or two please? I'm still waiting but curious what people are saying about it.
  10. PxOR
    Also just found out about the company shuffle. Man I'm not sure if I am disappointed or excited. I still have plenty on preorder and might cancel some. All the waiting aside, it's a bit too many earphones when I mostly listen to headphones...
  11. Midgetguy
    Sorry, but no reviews, just impressions.
  12. PxOR
    That would be nice too. I searched this thread but results were long it's hard to find any comments...thanks in advance.
  13. eldus
    In the strain, any thoughts on Icarus III vs the Master would be appreciated.
  14. bluesw
    I've requested for a refund just recently and they helped me out quickly, and received e-mails that my orders were canceled and they've refunded.
    I still have to confirm that they've really refunded, but still it was a major update to the old "Jake" support that wouldn't support.
  15. Karendar
    Wrote to Dan... Within MINUTES I got an answer back. He asked for my orders and everything butg IGG was refunded, no questions asked. Paypal already treated the refunds in the original currency... And considering currency is on par with when I purchased items, I will not lose money. Only thing he could not treat is the Indiegogo campaign, as he said this was out of his hands... I am super happy that this is almost over. The PM6 will probably go up for sale at cost price once I get it, but makes it a lot less complicated to manage.

    I can finally breathe...
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  16. sejsel
    There were some already in the thread, pretty much in lines with what Bob@Trinity has said about the sound signature of the two. Master more clinical, precise, "colder"; Icarus III more emotional ("musical") …
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2017

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