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  1. fpessolano
    Oh well. Kieran promised me refunds today. We will see.

    I wonder If I will ever get the unrefundable AIR, but at least I got an excellent pm6 (even if I am afraid it is a fragile unit)
  2. iancraig10
    It amazes me that people are still buying stuff and they're still going with the past track record to be honest. Join the club. Same for me!!
  3. barondla
    Said last year Trinity would totally pull out of Head-Fi. Looks like it is about to happen. Other sponsors clean up their threads when they get off course. Can a sponsor delete their entire thread if they desire to? If so, the recorded history of this fall from grace is about to be deleted!
  4. iancraig10
    They get far too much notice on here; even though so much is negative.

    Fact is, if the goods don't arrive, they don't respond properly to emails, they make it difficult to get a refund, then there is not really a place for them in the market. Or on here.... a worldwide forum!!

    The answer is pretty simple as well. Stop producing new gear and concentrate on getting the backorders out.

    Trouble is, they can't ..........
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  5. darranz
    Delays Guaranteed!... lol that is complete genius! You have made my morning :beyersmile::beyersmile::beyersmile::beyersmile::beyersmile::beyersmile:
  6. Intensecure
    Well, they haven't engaged since April, I'm sure they've been looking but not wanted to talk anymore, and now removing the Head-fiers discount would seem like the last "wave goodbye" from a company that built itself with the help of this community but now thinks it's too big to need support from it.
    Who's going to pay full retail for their products? Probably not Head-fiers who have enjoyed the "massive" pre-order discounts and the 20% discount, and who know better than most what value equation Trinity products have in relation to the rest of the industry. When they actually have product to sell, that is.
    You're right, I wonder if this thread will survive if Trinity remove themselves as sponsors?
  7. redryder

    Icarus III has landed in Singapore!
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  8. fpessolano
    For trinity, assuming they are not shutting down, this thread is best closed and deleted
  9. barondla
    True for Trinity. Not necessarily the best for Head-Fi or us. The Trinity threads are massive. Deleting them likely causes gaps and problems. Will Head-Fi allow complete threads to go away? If a sponsor leaves on good terms and stops paying ( not talking about this case) does their thread continue without them? Is it locked with no further comments? Does Head-Fi delete it themselves? I haven't been here long enough to know.
  10. OldDude04
    If this thread was removed, my post count would be much less than half of what it is, lol.
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  11. OopsWrongPlanet
    Is there any other known place on the web where Trinity interacts with their customers (or potential customers)?
    ..... or full radio silence?
  12. ncristia
    You should get back what you paid from paypal regardless of exchange. I think thats how paypal does a refund not by current exchange.
  13. LunaTikEDM
    Does anyone know how long it takes to get a refund from Trinity? Emailed Kieran yesterday and he said it'll be refunded soon but no notice yet. I might have to go through Paypal soon.
  14. fpessolano
    One of my orders is no longer protected by paypal, the icarus III :frowning2:
  15. jim723
    It doesn't matter what Jake has done. Bob is the person who put Jake in charge and Bob should be the one who is ultimately responsible for the whole situation. We need to remember Bob started this thread and where is he today.
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