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  1. LunaTikEDM
    Which is why I'm never buying from Trinity ever again, and if anyone asks me about Trinity, I'll be sure to let them know how awful my experience with Trinity was. Just opened a dispute in Paypal as it's been exactly 180 days since my order, don't wanna risk losing buyer protection.
  2. Walderstorn
    Whats the point? For some time, long before the shipping delays, people have been constantly seeing this thread as their daily "social interaction platform". There are those who are waiting for products and expressing their frustrations, which is fine but there a more that are just "socializing", which is actually kind of sad.

    There was this post, that only had 1 reaction:

    At first i couldn't understand why Bob/TA would talk to their customers as much as they did, unlike most of other companies. Now i know why other companies are not so socially active, it's understandable and again i am considering the time-frame before the delays.
    There is a lot to be solved and fixed and TA put themselves in a place there will be really hard, if not impossible, to get out of but it's a hole they digged themselves.

    Now please if you didn't receive your gear, ask for a refund, period. You know they failed miserably with vague promisses so just open a dispute with Paypal and solve your situation, the low amount of money you'll lose is nothing compared to almost daily messages of frustration and you can use your money elswhere.

    To those that already asked for a refund and are getting frustrated by the delay you have 2 options:

    1) Paypal dispute if you are entitled to it
    2) Spam emails to them

    You don't have to post a msg everyday that you don't get a reply for them.

    Let's keep the topic as close as possible to it's original intent, the conversations about the IEM's and see the proud pics and impressions of those who received them and for the ones that have already moved on, instead of coming here to "chat", good for you.

    That is the right decision at this point.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
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  3. ncristia
    • 7/26/2017 05:38 PDT - PayPal: Buyer escalated this dispute to a Claim.
    • 7/26/2017 05:38 PDT - Buyer: Seller says item is processing for shipment in the U.S. I still want to cancel the order. Item has not been shipped would like to cancel immediately .
    • 7/26/2017 05:28 PDT - Buyer: please cancel do not ship
    • 7/26/2017 05:07 PDT - Seller: This is currently being processed for shipment in the usa.
    • 7/26/2017 05:02 PDT - Buyer: Please refund
    Asked for refund yesterday, Trinity responded within 5 minutes and said order was processing. I simply want a refund and I believe Trinity will try to ship asap to avoid replying to paypal with in the allotted time which is the 5th of August. we'll see
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  4. esm87
    I can't complain personally, listening to icarus iii with red filters & cayin c5 portable amp through s8. These go hard, im enjoying, plus smaller housing is giving better fit than masters. Will see how gold undampened perform later.
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  5. redryder
    Thanks Walderstorn. I'm surprised no one really reacted to my post that I received my Icarus III. So many times I've seen people complain here that they don't see reports of products received, but when I post it no one cares. :)
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  6. redryder
    I'm enjoying the yellow filters, the bass was too heavy with the reds. Did you install the carbon fibre faceplates? Mine have rather sharp edges, as opposed to the beveled edges of the red and blue plates. Are yours the same?
  7. poro1
    I'm very much interested on how they sound.. Any comparison on other gear?
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  8. redryder
    Anyway, for guys in Singapore who ordered the Icarus III, it took exactly 7 days to reach me from the day I got the email shipping notice.
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  9. Walderstorn
    Exactly, it's how pathetic this thread has become, some legitimately complain (with every right to do so) and other's socialize or rant.

    I don't have the Icarus, unfortunately but a quick impression on the Masters (only had 8h of listening ) is that, even though i am bass sensitive, i don't mind the red filters, which surprised me since they gave me the most "fun" from all the filters i have tried up to this point (greens, blues, purples, yellows damped). For me there's nothing more enjoyable than PM6 with green filters but i will continue to test the Masters from time to time because they are so much lighter that it's easier to workout with them.
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  10. redryder
    I'm still a newbie and I'm not good at describing. The soundstage is wider than the original trinity deltas, and clarity is up there. On some songs they sound really really lush and rich. I've only tested it for a few hours and with the yellow filters, source is an iPhone 6s.
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  11. poro1
    After all the praise delta has gotten this sounds very promising and exactly what I hoped for. Thanks.
    Now I'm very much waiting for mine to arrive.
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  12. Karendar
    It's great and all that people are receiving Icarus III's, but there are still missing PM6's, hunters, deltas and the ever elusive Air which were announced WAY before the Icarus line. That to me is insane and doesn't really calm people down who didn't jump on the icarus ride.
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  13. redryder
    I'm also awaiting my Airs and have sympathy for the rest who ordered stuff before the Icarus.
  14. redryder
    I do have one minor complaint about the trinity filters, its that the colors don't quite match the textual descriptors in the manual. Especially for partially color blind folk like me, I have no idea if I'm actually using the yellow filter for sure. Lol
  15. esm87
    Ye I installed the yellow carbon face plates, look cool! Ye right now im listening to drake, eminem etc so the red filters are banging for them filters. Bass boost on too. I imagine that gold undampened will suit rock genre better, will see later. Drake's beats through this combo really bangs though... that is a seriously fat bass pounding whilst keeping it's integrity through the rest of the songs.
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