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  1. esm87
    Also they fplates are not causing any discomfort at all
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  2. ncristia
  3. redryder
    I just figured it out. The filters that came with the Icarus do not correspond to the filters described in the manual. The manual had a page with the Vyrus and Sabre filters with weird colors that I couldn't find in my Icarus box. So the Icarus actually doesn't have a Yellow filter and I was using the Gold one. You may be wondering how I could get simple color wrong, but because I'm partially color blind I don't trust my eyes when it comes to color.

    The Icarus filters actually correspond to this list
  4. Walderstorn
    I will quote myself:

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  5. redryder
    Agreed, the faceplates don't touch the ears and hence are not causing any discomfort. I'm just wondering why the carbon fibre ones have such sharp edges compared to the other two colors.
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  6. Silver Snail
    Could you compare more in detail Master and PM6 with the same filters? I would really like to see those two compared.
  7. Mayo2294
    Does anybody know the differences or which you view better between the Master or the Icarus 3?
    Jake said he'll be shipping me a Master a month ago instead of the Delta Atlas and Kieran emailed me said semi-recently saying he'll be shipping me the Icarus 3 instead.
    Just genuinely curious which you guys view as better and I imagine they have had an influx of Master replacements causing the Masters to be sold out on their website.
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  8. HungryPanda
    P1010724.JPG P1010718.JPG
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  9. Kundi
    Can you confirm what IEM's there are?
  10. harpo1
    Icarus III.
  11. Karendar
    Great job on the quoting there, I did read it properly. I'm still responding to the spirit of the conversation. :p
  12. esm87
    For anyone that's interested... Ijust tested the icarus iii vs the master back to back on the same song, both had kombi tips with gold undampened filters, I find icarus iii to be more forward sounding. Fit goes to icarus iii hands down for my ear anatomy. Really enjoying these...
  13. HungryPanda
    Those are the Icarus III and they sound great to me with the black filters
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
  14. Kundi
    i already have vyrus 2. worth getting Icarus III?
  15. HungryPanda
    I think so, I like the vyrus 2 but the Icarus III is just much better
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