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  1. Numpsy
    So, anyone heard both the PM6 and Icarus3 and have any comparisons?
  2. Kundi
    I cant remember, but were these two IEM's supposed to be similar in build?
  3. Midgetguy
    But is it really all that surprising that people are responding that way?
  4. fpessolano
    And on KS comments are still calm, it will get worse.
  5. Mayo2294
    In my personal opinion, prior experience and just by judging and feedback from a lot of people is that Trinity has really fallen from grace.

    Met Bob at Can Jam like a year ago and you can tell this guy is incredibly passionate about audio. And because, of my first impression of Trinity I viewed them as the OnePlus of IEM's. The key thing he said "we could charge a lot more but, we choose not to". He wasn't trying to sell anything and essentially gave some free tips away since, he said he is just going to throw them away and we left his booth just nicer off knowing that this guy is very classy. He was selling a lot of IEM's without trying due to this enthusiasm.

    Flashforward at another audio convention a couple months later and see another guy at the trinity. It's Jake. Knowing how nice Bob was, me and my friends went to his booth and you could tell this guy was just trying to sell stuff. This was at a time where the trinity Deltas V2 wasn't available. I said I'm thinking about pre ordering the Delta Atlas since, enjoyed the way the can just put them in your ears and forget out them since, they're so natural.
    He tells me they wrap around your ear (very weird though that he is basically lying about a product that basically doesn't exist) and I'm still okay with it. He says if you like the original Trinity Deltas I could sell you them for £30. I'm like you know what sure, I can give them to my friend or just keep them if I like them a lot. We shake on it and I give him my email. (No response). Afterwards, my friend says to me I'm going to ask for some free tips. We ask him and he literally spent an hour talking to Bob and Bob's cool with it while Jake's like let's make some money or only if you take a photo and upload to social media... Really? Left with a bad taste in my mouth and the whole experience was just awkward.

    I order my Delta Atlas via and have waited over 8 months with nothing but, lies and excuses from Jake specifically. Next week, yeah right.

    In my personal opinion, I view the downfall of Trinity due to a combination of different things:

    - Not selling them high enough to ensure that shipping and adding tracking IDs is possible.
    -"PayPal refund scammers" again proper tracking and security measures would have prevented this from occurring.
    -Jake. I wouldn't be surprised if he pocketed a lot of money for himself and that's the reason we don't have anything lol.
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  6. Tommy C
    Like being stuck in red light at the point of no return kind of feeling.


    For those who are still waiting I hope you get something soon and for those who cancelled did you order other IEMs instead?

    All the best y'all.
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  7. JaeYoon
    does anyone know why it's easy for some people like me to get a refund. But almost impossible for others?

    @fpessolano I assume they still didn't respond to you?

    That's weird
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
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  8. timorinolee
    Depends on whether you purchased from the website or Kickstarter. I purchased the PM6 via the website, that's kinda why it's hard to get a refund not impossible because I think someone did it earlier. But tough.
  9. JaeYoon
    Yikes :c
  10. fpessolano
    Nope and I am asking a refund for stuff I bought from the website. If I get no answer in the course of today I use paypal. I am tired of Trinity. Only annoyance I will loose more via paypal, but this farce has been enough.
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  11. JaeYoon
    Time for you to retire friend. You fought a long battle. Time for you to get some retirement and get your money back.
  12. LunaTikEDM

    Completely agree about Jake. He's constantly lying and would never give me a clear or direct answer. When I CCed Kieran I got way more clear answers and he was very apologetic and understanding of the situation. I still haven't received my replacement Masters (changed from Deltas) and I finally asked for a refund, Kieran told me he'd refund me shortly and apologised for the whole situation. Not sure who put Jake in charge of customer support, but he was pretty awful about it. Glad I'm finally done with trying to get my IEMs from Trinity after many many months and being lied to by Jake almost every week. Never buying from Trinity ever again.
  13. Spaceman24
    Bittersweet day, finally out of the race for the Icarus IV and will attempt to get a refund. Instead I ordered some Audio Technica ATH-E70 for... wait for it... $130 off ebay XD. After much (and I mean *much*) research I figure these will likely eclipse the Icarus anyway as they compete/excede the Shure SE846 and similar. Good luck to the ones left in the race!
  14. Martin1977
    So it seems that we will never get our PM6 or Hunter. I'm being promissed to get my Hunter "soon" since January and my patience is over. Too sad how this ended up. I'm going to ask for refund next week (giving them time untill end of July)

    Seems that I'm just one of those few unlucky Head-Fiers who didn't het their Hunter or PM6 so far :)
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
  15. Intensecure
    Just got confirmation from Kieran: Not only do the discount codes stated the email end in 7 days, so does the Head-fiers discount. :frowning2:
    No more 20% off for us anymore, and we overseas customers still end up paying unneccessary VAT at 20% on purchases.

    Good luck Trinity, with your prices in a fast moving market with Chinese manufacturers biting at your heels and so many great IEM choices available, I rather feel that you will need it.

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