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  1. dave9527
    I think I will set my bottom line to dispute period -1month...

    Remember the "ship all by 24/25 of March"?
  2. Karendar
    Man, I should have just asked for a refund the minute they offered it without penalty...
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  3. Kundi
  4. Karendar
    Hello! :D
  5. majo123
  6. Karendar
    I just updated the tags for this thread. :p Added "Sponsor abandonned thread", "Delays" and "guaranteed" :D
  7. fpessolano
    a day later no refund yet, i see it coming.
    "Sorry we shipped"
    "Yes you told us your choice was a refund, but you has 3 minutes to reply not 5"
  8. Karendar
    To be honest, if they ship anything, I'll be happy. I want the Icarus line, I just don't believe in the PM6/hunter anymore. :p
  9. jim723
    I ordered the Bluetooth Lanyard back in November 2016 with a 50% discount. I never received any shipping notification. Three months later in February 2017 I emailed to Trinity and asked about the shipping status and was told it was shipped in December. They offered to ship another lanyard with the tracking number and I accepted it. The following day I got a refund notification instead of the shipping confirmation. I guess they decided it's cheaper to just refund me instead of shipping another lanyard because they were selling the lanyards at the full price. Some people may feel it's okay because I got my money back. But I would rather to have the lanyard instead. The bottom line is they can't keep their promise. I am still waiting for the Icarus III and I do hope that I will receive the product this time.
  10. Darkestred
    Not that i care or really ever have. I forgot about this product entirely but here is what will happen. the 21 days will pass and no news. A week later some part was machined incorrectly and the distributor is giving us crap. We expect in 2 weeks time to send have all delivered. For those counting that's 6 more weeks. On the 6th week. A few will receive their IEMs. Im banking sometime between October and December they will finally get all IEMs out.

  11. fastbuck
    after 2 1/2 weeks being shipped not anyone have received the "new" airs. looks like more and more backers are getting fed up on kickstarter, especially because trinity won't react to anything on their own kickstarter project.
  12. fpessolano
    They do react ... "Kickstarter is not store"
    There was not a single creator that used that answer and delivered
  13. Karendar
    Wow, reading up the kickstarter posts... It's ugly out there. :\
  14. Podster
    Man I miss the good old days in Trinity World:scream: That is good news about USA distribution on the Icarus III, I'm sure stateside group has to match up and ship out but should be soon! The rest of the family are waiting:wink:

    Trinity Seven.JPG
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  15. gtrx333
    It's funny, when I use the icarus III into my PC>Mojo>Little Dot 1+, the red becomes muddy, the silver becomes too fatiguing and the green filter shines with really lovely mids. Will be worth trying different source combinations with all the filters when i have the time.

    Also finding this song very catchy atm.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2017
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