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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. SofaSamuraiX
    Awesome. I'm going to try PayPal out for that. But I'm well over 6 months, to be honest it feels like they strung me along for that very reason, saying that they would start shipping soon....
  2. Karendar
    Great news for you! Only side notes to what you say, I tried the same orientation and they were very willing for transactions made on their website. My credit card company refused to charge back Indiegogo transactions... Also, each credit card companies deal with chargeback differently, so YMMV... :)
  3. voxie
    Walks Like a Duck, quacks like a Duck, its a Duck!
  4. Tommy C
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
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  5. gingersparrow
    Thanks for your reply mate. Sadly it's not the cable. The connection where the cable clips into the earpiece seems to have come loose from the external housing, meaning it slips back into the housing when you try to exert enough pressure to attach the cable. I've managed to bodge it back together by using some snipe-nose pliers, two thumb tacks and some superglue! Doesn't look very pretty anymore, but is working for now. I think I'll have to get a replacement as I'm sure they'll break again soon.

    Can't make my mind up whether to go back to some Sennhesier IE80s, or try something new. I recently dabbled in some over-ear sound cancelling headphones - Sony MDR 100-ABN and Denon AH-GC20 - but they were both absolute garbage. Pants sound quality and the isolation was pathetic compared to IEMs. Don't know why I bothered! Kinda want to try some wireless IEMs before I give up on the idea, as not having any wires was lovely - shame about everything else! I've got my eyes on some PSB M4U TW1. I might ask whether it's possible to try them out in store before I waste any more money on earphones that I hate. It's an expensive addiction.
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  6. gingersparrow
    Thanks for your reply and suggestion. They seem pretty reasonably priced, so I think I'll give them a go!
  7. gingersparrow
    Thanks mate! Have PM'd you.
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  8. Tommy C
    If you are considering wireless I can help with the PSB TW1, Jabra Elite Sport, Bose SoundSport Free and the Sony WF1000.
    Feel free to reach out with a PM.
    In short, Jabra offers superb value. They have the Elite Sport refurbished on Amazon for $109 which is a steal.
    I was sceptical about wireless IEMs and the sound but Jabra and PSB nailed it - both have their pros and cons.
  9. gingersparrow
    Cheers mate! WIll PM you.
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  10. barondla
    @gingersparrow I would be inclined to take the IEM apart and try to fix it. Once it quits working there's nothing to lose. Plus it would be fun to see the guts inside.
  11. gingersparrow
    Certainly an option if my bodge job fix falls to bits!
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  12. incursore61
    I am very sorry to see that even in this environment there are skilled and shameless scammers. It is now clear that everything had been planned for the final blow, only some devices were put into production and sent at the beginning of this story, then, once the trust of the customers is acquired, many audiophiles are attracted to anticipate money and finally the great audiophile scam is complete. damn thieves....!!!
  13. Karendar
    If it was really a scam, some people would not have gotten their PM6's in recent times... People are too quick to yell the scam card.
  14. SofaSamuraiX
    Ya, I have been holding out that hope. Doesn't seem so much like a scam as a poorly run operation. I get responses when I put out an email, just a shame it's turned into rhetoric...
  15. bjaardker
    True. Ethically there's a difference between a scam and a terrible business plan with poor money management and awful customer service.

    However, even with them shipping the Air and the PM6, they're just shy of scam artists. The PM6s you got certainly weren't the IEMs they were billed to be, and I strongly believe their innards probably weren't components they were supposed to be. On the Air we were all sold a bill of goods. We were told they were nearly ready for production with dual antenna design that prevented drop outs. We all know how that ended up. (Us darn humans and all that water in our heads).

    So maybe they didn't set out for this to be a scam, but in the end there's little difference to the customer.
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