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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. Tommy C

    Not surprising though knowing it’s the same schmuck who’s running the show.
  2. krelianx
    So, they are not responding to emails, website is down.

    I'd say if they simply disappear into the ether leaving their customers hanging that is a scam. They haven't even reported they are going under, keeping everyone in suspense.
  3. Torment
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  4. sososerious
    They are replying to emails selectively, no change in the content or quality but I had a few last week.

  5. Intensecure
    If it is, and it looks likely, that would be one possible reason for him being taken on as "only a contractor" not as directly employed company chairman/CEO. And why he would choose to have his (presumed) wife as PSC/Shareholder instead of himself, as restrictions apply for anyone under bankruptcy registration.
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  6. Karendar
    Does explain that part. Now what remains is understanding what involvement (if any) there is between Trinity and IMR... In an official manner before someone jumps the gun and falls into accusation mode
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  7. Intensecure
    Indeed, and still only Bob can fill in the gaps and explain the transition.
    It can be noted however, that the terms of the BRU (Bankruptcy Restrictions) include this:
    "BRO and BRU restrictions include the rules you have to keep to when you are made bankrupt and other extra rules. For example, you must not:
    • act as a director of a company, or form, manage or promote a company, without permission from the court
    • carry on business under a different name without telling people you do business with the name (or trading style) in which you were made bankrupt
    Obviously we don't know if Bob has the appropriate permissions, but reading that, along with the end date of Bob's registration, it looks like Bob would need to obtain approval to start IMR and promote it here and by emailing customers.
    I'm only going on what the official website says, and not speculating beyond that.
    Full details: https://www.gov.uk/government/publi...ers-and-undertakings#bro-and-bru-restrictions
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2018
  8. Tommy C
    The bottom line is that Trinity fooled everyone: Head-Fi, members and crowdfunding customers. I just wish more people would have noticed all the red flags along the way before opening their wallets to order more gear from Trinity.
    No matter how good or bad the equipment is, this type of behaviour has no room here and it’s just upsetting to see the end result.

    Trinity didn’t start as a scam but for the last year or so they have been doing everything they could to collect more money and deliver fewer itmes pretending this is a functional business. Realty is, it’s not. Those folks are con artists and should be banned from this place; Trinity, IMR, Bob and Co.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2018
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  9. incursore61
    it's simple: give my money back !!!!
  10. incursore61
    I did not participate in the crowfounding.
    I bought from their online store.
    after three months I asked for info they have been replied tomorrow we send, tomorrow, tomorrow and so, after six months, I could not ask for a refund to paypal.
    to my mail nobody answers.
    for me these gentlemen have only one name: thieves.
  11. Watermelon Boi
    *Small update about TA, though a bad one.

    Seems like dealers around the world have been suing TA for cutting communication after they've placed big orders. Dealers who sued TA got their money back though TA is still remaining dead silence.

    I guess they're really bankrupted. I don't think there's any chance for TA to make a comeback at this point. Too late and they went too far. Damn sad to see one of my favorite manufacturers disappear.
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  12. harpo1
  13. Tobias89
    I bought from the KS, but I agree. I don't really give a damn about the motives now. I might have given them the benefit of the doubt (reluctantly) had they been upfront that they were struggling.

    Bottom line was, they lied (non-stop i might add) that the products were being shipped out to us even though it was painfully obvious they weren't (next week, next month remember?). That IMO made it a scam in my books.
    Since Bob was there when the lies started, I'm sorry but I'm not trusting him and IMR with a cent of mine as well, even though IMR did perk my interest somewhat.
  14. salsadj
    I preordered a couple of earbuds last September and October. I got a couple of emails saying estimated ship date had been pushed back to February. I had totally forgotten about them until last week and decided to check the website. The website was down so I came here and saw all the issues people were having. I was able to file a dispute with PayPal and escalate it straight to a claim. 10 days later and my money has been refunded by PayPal. If anyone is still within the 180 buyer protection time frame, I recommend you do the same. Best of luck all.
  15. Walderstorn
    Someone already asked for a source and I will do the same so "source"? Hope it wasn't a "a guy said to me" like we often get around the webz.

    To you KS backers, you signed a TOS and unfortunately that limits a lot of things when trying to get back the money. Since they lied, on several occasions, you might get something from PP or even your CC, but don't expect anything from TA and even less any sort of (significant) help from KS.
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