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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. Bobtrinity
    As some of you have seen we are implementing some changes to our line up and there has been a great amount of confusion, so this new thread should clear things up.
    So lets start with the Hunter and Master 6.
    There are no major changes to the Master 6 and Hunter other than we will be using the industry standard recessed 2 pin set up rather than our own.
    Hunter comes with uprated cables as standard but the Master 6 will also come with single crystal OFC silver plated wires as standard and the Master 6 will also be made from Stainless steel as apposed to aluminium.
    Hunter uses the dual coil driver and the same will be applied to the Master 6.
    For those that have ordered a bluetooth cable you will get one with the matching 2 pin connector and any that have already received theirs will also get a new version with the correct 2 pin and you won't be required to return anything.
    The Hunter is a limited production run per year and that hasn't changed and as production has now started cancellations are not possible without a cancellation fee being applied. Same applies for master 6 which is also in production.
    The new slightly longer filters will also be standard equipment on both the Hunter and Master 6.
    We are making some changes to how we build things and our cable system.
    Our new Atlas Delta will have our new cable system which will be hard wired to the main IEM body and detach at the Y-Split (I will come back to why in a moment), this will also apply to new production runs of the Vyrus, Sabre and Master 4 other models as and when its time to do a production run. Again we will be using stainless steel rather than aluminium and all products will be made in such a way that they are easily serviceable.
    All new runs will feature our own new dual coil coil dynamic driver which is a big step forward over our titanium unit. 
    So why the change of cable termination? For two reasons, reliability is one and secondly it will allow us to offer a modular design so we can offer a range of upgrades/sidegrades and our soon to be released dac/amp and wireless adapter. As all cables from the Y Split to the main body will already have a higher grade single crystal ofc silver plated cable inside we will be able to offer various other cable options such as balanced and xlr etc. As we will be bringing new things online over time this will allow the customer to add things as they see fit without having to by whole packages again.  For example lets say you have a single driver model and you decide you want to upgrade to a hybrid model, ordinarily you have to buy the whole package again, in this case you won't as for existing customer you will be able to buy just the upgrade section as lower cost than buying the whole package.
    Furthermore we will be increasing the warranty to 2 years (Hunter and Master 6 included) on the main unit and offer a 3 year cable warranty.
    Out of the 2300+ units and rising that have shipped out of the Master 4 we have had a very small number of bad units, but this is the internet and of course people have been keen to express concerns over some build issues.
    We had a VERY SMALL number of issues compared to the total amount sold, how ever we have now sorted most issues for most customers by either replacing parts or whole units.
    The VAST majority of customer have been more than happy with their Master 4 and long may that continue. However it did highlight some issues which could not be left ignored and that was some QC issues that slide past us. 
    Most issues have been minor and easily fixed for Master 4, Sabre and Vyrus customers. We have taken all the feedback on board and looked at what the issues are and all fixes are being implemented on the next production runs and all previous customers will be emailed directly to take part in an upgrade scheme if they so wish. This will only apply to existing Master 4, Vyrus and Sabre customers. The trade-up scheme will be generous and will also allow those users to keep their existing equipment.
    Well I think that covers most things and we will be issuing updates later this month.
    If there is anything I've missed feel free to shout out and I will add it to this post.
  2. Layman1
    Ooh, first post!
    First time for me lol.
    "Hunter and PM6 will have the dual coil driver".
    Is this the new one you mentioned in the other thread? And is it also in a push-pull configuration?
    I love the existing push-pull dual coil in the PM4 and Sabre [​IMG]
  3. ForeverSymphony
    Great news Bob! Hope everything turns out well, as a happy owner of the Vyrus and recently the Sabre, im really looking forward to their next generation! 
    Cheers Bob [​IMG] 
  4. Bobtrinity

    Hunter was already specced to have the dual coil and we will include in the master 6 also.
    The Master 4 uses titanium single coil drivers.
  5. Bobtrinity

    Thank you 
  6. WhiteKnite
    Will the 2 pin Bluetooth cable be available for separate purchase? I've been waiting for the original to come back in stock so I can pick one up for my Hunter. Currently just have the mmcx version.
  7. Bobtrinity

    It will do yes
  8. esm87
    What difference's are there between the pm4's titanium driver and the dual coil from a sound perslective?
  9. barondla
    Great update, Bob. Keep producing these winning products!
    Bobtrinity likes this.
  10. Bobtrinity

    Its a little richer, but allows us further tuning options in the future as we have more tuning adjustment.
  11. Tooros
    Very welcome news on the pm6. To apply these changes to both future and preorders is a huge deal.

  12. esm87
    ahhh awesome, roll on upgrade package bob, I have an itchy wallet
  13. Bobtrinity
    Thanks guys
  14. goldtuba
    Thank you for the clarifications.  Now I just have to wait impatiently for my Hunter.
  15. Midgetguy
    I see where you're going with regards to the whole modularity and upgrades thing with the fixed cables to the body, but I'm hoping you can explain to me the "more serviceable" aspect in regards to units with cables attached to the body. If the cable section below the y-split fails, then yes it's quite easy to replace and is even easy to test. However, I don't see how "easily serviceable" or even "easily testable" applies to the section above the y-split. If something sounds off or wrong and it wasn't the fault of the section below the y-split, then how would you know if it was the IEM itself or the the cable section above the y-split? And if the cable section below the y-split isn't to blame, then the entire upper section (y-cable and IEMs) would have to be replaced, is that not correct? I'm trying to understand how you've gotten to your current perspective of using this hardwired+y-split cable structure as opposed to the industry standard 2-pin socket (which you yourself claimed costs pennies not pounds). My personal logic points to the standard 2-pin being the overall better choice due to its universality; users are much less likely to complain about cable issues if the solution is to simply get a new cable. But you've clearly had to have thought up and weighed in on aspects of each model before coming to a conclusion, so I'd really like to hear in detail what it is you considered and how your thought process developed the current conclusion of using hardwired+y-split cabling.
    Still in for my pre-order of the Hunter and would be regardless of how the cable system ends up, but my preference very much leans towards the standard 2-pin rather than the newly proposed hardwired system. Glad the pre-orders will be using the standard 2-pin style.
    glassmonkey likes this.
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