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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. SofaSamuraiX
    That sucks. I bought the Phoenix instead of the Schiit fulla 2... I'm sad about that.
  2. gingersparrow
    My Delta II's just broke, so went to Trinity's website to see if they could be fixed - and found out about their demise. Damn shame as I think they're the best sounding IEMs I've ever had the privelege to listen to. Sorry to read so many of you are out of pocket. Hope you manage to get your money back.

    On another note - does anyone know of any similar sounding IEMs to the Deltas? I need a replacement. I was using the gunmetal tips that gave the 'V-shaped' sound signature. They were a fun listen.
  3. barondla
    Sorry to hear they broke. Is it a cable problem? If so, you might be able to repair them. If you can't, there probably is someone that can.
  4. Midgetguy
    Not quite the same feel as the Deltas, but the MEEAudio Pinnacle P2 is a great balanced v-shape IEM, though my advice on that is immediately get a new cable for it because the stock one is ergonomically atrocious. I love mine. Come here if you want to discuss anything audio and get more suggestions :D
  5. PxOR
    i am usually the chill kind of guy and I don't mind waiting. but i guess that's why i am so f- up this time. I still have the Air, PM6, Icarus I and IV on order (total about GBP 500). while i should consider myself lukcy that is not some life threatening damage, I am not an insanely rich person that I would consider this amount is nothing. i really trusted the company because i bought quite a few and they were so good. so going bust like that it really pissed me off. :angry::angry:
  6. SofaSamuraiX
    For me, it's only $130, but it's still stings. I feel strung along for so long now and then zero honesty, just silence. It sucks to lose that money. I'm not wealthy either, with 4 kids my girlfriend is even more pissed at me then I am at them.
  7. PxOR
    yeah the thing for me is I try not to get myself furious. It was my mistake after all. 500 pounds in any sense is a large amount of money to throw away and getting pissed and feeling stupid in the process. I just somehow, after a few purchases totally threw my caution into the wind, did not use paypal which i would usually do to save a little foreign exchange cents.

    Funny (read: really dumb) thing I actually asked for the refund of PM6 last year when I noticed the first sign of troubles began, but the customer service and the boss both said they would do it and then did not do anything. I got busy so I did follow closely until i checked bills recently. it is really a bad feeling :frowning2:
  8. SofaSamuraiX
    Ya, they told me a lot of things to stop me from asking. I used PayPal. Can I get a refund after this long?
  9. voxie
    Hi, maybe I can help.. can you clarify if the cable is the problem? If so, I have a spare set knocking around. PM me.
  10. PxOR
    paypal has 6 months of buyer protection (again, the not so smart ass me would have chose it - it was perfect for this preorder kind of thing). so i would open a dispute. even if that expired you might have a chance (do not count on it though)
  11. PxOR
    did you get those?
  12. rantng
    No refund, no Airs, no Hunter cables.
  13. PxOR
    Sorry man. It looks like we are in the same boat.
  14. rantng
    I’d say I’m more disappointed than pissed. They had so many chances to make things right. Even after the initial ****-show and then the calm when they finally started shipping out the Hunters & PM6 and started orders for the Icarus line, but then they reverted back to their non-communicative / non-head-fi presence ways. They should be taboo in the audio world and I hope anyone in the industry takes a serious look at this thread before considering any dealings with them.
  15. myrottiety
    Just so everyone is aware. I made a official claim with my credit card company. Send them all emails, receipts, and every bit of documentation I could find. They turned it around in a week and my credit card company gave me a refund. So if you kept all documentation. That may be a avenue you can go down. Not sure if the credit card company will try to recover fro Trinity or if they just take the hit and eat it. So any way... there you go.
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