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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. Walderstorn
    NDA can be used either as a prevention tool, or as an excuse so his lies can't give me any positive vibes. Fortunately i need no closure, i do feel sad though, because i liked the company, what it sold and their way of conducting business.

    That said i hope the new company grows and maybe one day the TA shadow will be erased by it. I do understand though why it's not as "budget friendly", since i think that it was the quantity of sales that spelled doom, when the QC failed.
  2. SofaSamuraiX
    Boy. This is disheartening. I seem to have been to patient. Is there any concrete info on them closing doors? Will I never receive my Phoenix? Can I not get my vyrus v2 repaired? I looked here after a few days of the website being down. On my phone right now without enough time to read the entire thread. Dang. Maybe too late for a refund too. QQ
  3. myrottiety
    My problem is that I'm in the US. Just to get them on the phone a few minutes is gonna cost me another $30+. :frowning2:
  4. Karendar
    To be honest, I wouldn't hold it against Trinity to have Bob sign an NDA upon leaving, considering how shady they were about freeing up info. Bob was always first to post something after radio silence when things started going south.
  5. Karendar
    Yeah, I know your feeling. I'm from Canada. 3 solutions: Prepaid calling card to lower costs, Free VoIP service or collect calling. Collect calling they'll probably refuse, as they have no money. :p
  6. Karendar
    I say go for refund if possible. Them closing, we have no concrete info on beyond that the office is still open and people are still there.
  7. SofaSamuraiX
    Thanks friend. Here's to the best for all involved. Wish I didn't work so hard for my money! Then maybe I could look past $130 gamble on getting a purchased product!
  8. Intensecure
    If a company can't even keep their website up, and are "slashing" staff (how many delivery people does it take to send out one package a day? :wink:) how the heck can they afford lawyers to enforce an NDA?
    It's barely a company, let alone a corporation. The whole "scared of an NDA" thing seems faintly ridiculous.

    Please note: I am not a lawyer. :wink:
  9. Midgetguy
    Not to mention, the point of their NDAs here feels less like protection of IP and more like protection from slandering the company in any way. Problem with that is that even if you could afford the lawyer to defend, I don't see how you could defend that. If your argument is that the breach of the NDA caused a downturn in your image, reputation, or profits, you would first have to prove that your image, reputation, and profits weren't in a downward spiral of your own doing prior to the breach; I find it hard for anyone to believe that TAE hasn't been shooting itself in the foot and that rather someone breaching an NDA is the one to blame for their current misfortunes.

    Also not a lawyer :D
  10. barondla
    Not a lawyer either. A couple of points:
    1. Law rarely works the way non lawyers believe.
    2. A company that has tried everything to survive, might not hesitate to go after NDA violaters.
    3. There are lawyers to take an open and shut case for a percentage of the settlement.
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  11. Tobias89
    Same here. Just can't help feeling cheated over the whole thing...especially with all the fake updates over the 2 years. How many times did they claim final shipping only to recant it back?

    I'm gonna hold Bob to be responsible too...he was the face and voice of the company (and founder?) and he just left to create another "new" company like this? Unless this fiasco is resolved I'll never buy anything remotely associated to Bob.
    That's an Air and PM6 that I'll never see the back of.
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  12. Karendar
    Bob was never stated as founder... Rockjaw and Joe Watts there. Just to clarify.
  13. Intensecure
    Splitting hairs a bit, here Karendar. From the Introducing Trinity thread:
    "Trinity is principally the brainchild of Bob (you know him as RockBob) the Head Designer of the current line-up of the Rock Jaw UK range."
    From some of Brooko's reviews, "Bob is starting the new company with RockJaw’s blessing, and as I understand it, the whole reason for the new company is simply so that Bob can pursue his dream to build a range of IEMs purely to his specification. He will also continue to work and design for RockJaw."
    And..."Bob (the man who is the brains behind Trinity's product range) who ultimately makes the decisions on how to proceed"
    And..."Trinity is the brainchild of the main designer from RockJaw UK".
    And.."Bob (Trinity's CEO and lead designer)"
    So you can see why the perception would be that Bob=Trinity, whether or not he is the de facto "founder". :wink:.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2018
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  14. Tommy C
    Trinity is principally the brainchild of Bob (you know him as RockBob) the Head Designer of the current line-up of the Rock Jaw UK range.

    Bob was with Rock Jaw from the beginning, and while he’s extremely proud of the Rock Jaw range, he wanted to build some very different IEM’s to those in the Rock Jaw range. So he got agreement from his Rock Jaw partners that he could pursue his dream to build IEM’s that were made just to his spec, while still remaining at Rock Jaw as the Head Designer.

    So with Rock Jaw’s blessing, “Trinity Audio Engineering” has been formed. The underlying vision and philosophy behind Trinity is that high quality audio should be affordable to everyone – and without compromising on build or materials.

    In the last few months, Bob has been quietly working behind the scenes to engineer three new IEMs. He originally made 3-4 units of each model before decided on the direction of the products you will see in this thread. Once the basic design of each was decided, he requested the help and assistance of Mark2410, H20fidelity and I, to assist with fine tuning, and brain-storming of final fit and finish. Bob has reached a stage now that Trinity is almost ready to launch the products to everyone, but before they do that, they are putting together a Kickstarter campaign to help see the project through to production.

    One of the main purposes of this thread is make Trinity known to the Head-Fi community, give you info on the Kickstarter campaign, and give you our impressions on the product range.

    Ref: post #1.
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  15. harpo1
    This is BS. I know for a fact Bob had a big financial stake in Trinity. Bob was part owner.
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