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Trinity Audio Engineering - What the future holds

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  1. bjaardker
    There's a back end order fulfillment section on shopify. It wouldn't be a stretch to think that's what they used for all of their order handling.
  2. rantng
    There should be a case study into the rise and fall of Trinity. A cautionary tale for the audio world.
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  3. Midgetguy
    Could be. Maybe this will actually do something now that (if it's the case) Shopify is locking them out of an avenue to fuel funding for all the backorders. Then again, they also could just do nothing. The site's down now, they ship what they can ship, then pack up and call it a miserable end. I hope that's not what's happening, at least until a majority of people receive something. Then after that, they can feel free to jump back off the cliff cuz they ain't getting any of my funds anymore.
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  4. OopsWrongPlanet
    who exactly do you hate as "Trinity"? Could you name a few? Obviously it's not Bob.
  5. Karendar
    Whoever's left that's running their **** show of a company :p I don't care who's behind it as this point
  6. jeryg
    I'm still waiting for Hunters and Atlas/Delta. My experience has been so frustrating that I pretty much gave up on audio products. Only come here once or twice every few months to read a few posts before I get upset and move on.
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  7. rantng
    Other than two sets of Airs, I canceled the rest of my orders. Been waiting on a sizable refund that Kieran said would be issued. Kickstarter orders (Phantom Air) aren't eligible for refund. Also, the 2 litz cables for my Hunter.
  8. barondla
    Understandable, but don't let this terrible experience deprive you of the joy of music with fine audio equipment. There are many other fine audio companies out there that will treat you well.
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  9. HombreCangrejo
    Atlas/Delta never reached production, and people were automatically updated to Masters, unless they claimed for a refund.
  10. Midgetguy
    Absolutely don't let this turn you off from audio products. I won't say my tenure here has been long (just a few years), but TAE is the only time I've had such a terrible experience. Sad considering in their first year or so, they were just as good, if not better, than many of the other audio companies. I've dealt with several other audio companies that are fantastic. I've never had a bad experience with the likes of MEEAudio, JH Audio, Campfire Audio, Sennheiser, Fostex, Empire Ears, or even Chinese companies like VSonic (which is admittedly one of the best Chinese companies I've come across). Heck, I was once looking to get a standard 2-pin cable from Empire Ears, but I didn't want the memory wire and their leader Jack Vang (who's pretty active here) told me they could do it and I gave them my Paypal for them to give me an invoice. They sent out the cable to me 3 separate times because the postal service was crap at my old apartment and the first two went into the ether. I felt so bad that they had to waste two good cables on me, I gave them my parent's address to send to instead because it was a residential home and there was a much better chance they wouldn't waste another cable lost in the post. All service with the most gracious of attitudes.

    So don't let this experience discourage you. You may have been incredibly unlucky this time, but TAE's bumbling is certainly not the norm. Lots of good companies out there that truly deserve the praise they get.
  11. rantng
    Ditto on MEEAudio & ALO/Campfire Audio. I recently had a Campfire Nova with no sound out of the left side & a Ref 8 cable which cut in & out. The Nova was out of warranty by a few months and the cable was a third party purchase. I contacted ALO for a quote & they asked me to send them both in for inspection. I’m waiting for an email from them but instead, about a week later I get a package with a Nova CK & my cable fixed, no charge.
  12. swannie007
    This is good customer service and is the reason people keep coming back to do business with companies like this and recommending them to others.
  13. HK_sends
    What he said...

    -HK sends
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  14. Podster
    Can't believe this thread is still moving because Trinity sure "IS NOT" and I just emailed Kieran, Kelly and cc'd enquire@ and I'm sure if and when I get a response it will be lame as ever. I know who the blame falls on here now but because of legal ramifications I can't say at least for now but for sure it's not Bob James I assure you.
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  15. Karendar
    My Trinity order is currently in limbo between Heathrow airport and Toronto Airport. :p Go figure.
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