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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. burtomr
    Missing Uber...?  [​IMG]  (Ponders the 'what if' possibilities)
  2. nazrin313
    lol...no one wants to sell me one...
  3. burtomr
    I'm sure you know the 'one'   [​IMG] 
  4. nazrin313

    Hhahaha ok ok lemma rephrase, no one wants to sell a second hand one
  5. Ivabign
    Okay, yes I have a pair of these now...... after everybody migrates to the Ref 1
    Listening to the Metallica Enter Sandman Black Album on DX90 - these are great metalhead phones. Head banger material par excellence.
    About 1:50 in Holier Than Thou a second guitar comes out of the shred in the right side - I can hear it clear as a bell while the rest of the cacophony bombs away....
    Not a replacement for anything I have - another nice addition.
  6. burtomr
    .......................... music-131.gif ......................
  7. CosmicHolyGhost

    Thanks for this. Gotta give a spin this week. I thought their recent soundtrack album is very well recorded producing good sonics
  8. noxa
    Got my pair in my ears for the first time last night, and all i can say is out of my limited iem expierience they are by far the best i've ever heard, and to be honest they're the only iem's that i've ever been truly impressed by let alone stunned by, and this is coming directly out of a 10 year old ipod mini! Lol.

    Now who's gonna lend me the uber cable for an audition!:wink_face:
  9. Rumpelstiltskin
    I've just bought this beauty (+ uBer). Delivered this morning.
    I know I'm late to the party - looked at the Ref.1 but just can't see myself wearing spangled gold finish face plate. Should know better than to say never. Never (ever) say never [​IMG] .
    Quite mindblowing actually.
  10. maguire
    For Pete's sake im desperate!!!!! Anyone out there wishing to go on REf1, please swap me your 1Plus2 & I will exchange with my UM Miracle & Merlin Customs... Plus Both have Toxic cables, & pelican 1020 cases....immaculate I tell you ....Maybe I can add a bit of cash also?   There has to be some one out there??????
  11. Ivabign
    1p2 is a party that never has to end - and hell, I like to be fashionably late anyway....
  12. Rumpelstiltskin
    I'm starting to listen with my eyes closed again!
  13. nazrin313
    How does the 1plus2 compare to ure other high end iems..SE846 especially
  14. Rumpelstiltskin
    I'm trying to do what I do a lot of the time and have music playing while I do other things. The 1plus2+Uber isn't letting me do that. It's constantly demanding my attention. I think it's the fantastic level of transparency combined with the soundstage. It won't take a back seat.
    This combo AK240>1p2+uBer is an experience.
    Yep, it's hyperbole, but what do you expect from someone in the infatuation phase? HeHe. Happy to be there.
    I'm still very happy with most of my other iems - but pretty sure the K3's will go. I really only keep it for its soundstage, and that's huge on the 1p2. The sound of the K3's never quite gelled for me.
    To the SE846. Just switched that and the 1p2 through some Pink Floyd (24Bit Wish You Were Here). Immediate thought is that the SE846 seems more congested (and that's used VERY much in a comparative sense) than the 1p2. No contest soundstage in favour of the 1p2. Still love the SE846, but for transparency and soundstage the AK240>1p2+Uber wins hands down.
    In critique mode (difficult in the infatuation phase), I wonder if the combo may be a bit too transparent (tiringly so). I do find that transparency can be too demanding and consequently tiring at times.
    Mind you there's an excellent 'reason' for having many/several earphones  [​IMG] .
  15. burtomr
    Agreed regarding 846 vs 1p2 + Uber. Too transparent? Well that's alot like "too good" or "too much money".
    I bought some 846's hoping they would give my 1p2's some occasional rest. Can you say: "What happened to the soundstage?" I ended up selling the 846's. If you want mellow...just turn it down, or switch music...[​IMG]
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