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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Ivabign
  2. lee730
    Heck mentioning $500 IEMs and you get labeled as crazy from most lol :p.
  3. wasily
    Can anyone suggest to me a CIEM that most resembles the 1p2? I was thinking Unique Melody Merlin or the 3DD? Thanks all!
  4. tupac0306
    Yep.. UM's CIEM might resemble 1p2 but the house sound is still different. 1p2 has very unique tuning.
  5. lee730
    Would the NT6 be a closer fit?
  6. R Scott Ireland

    It's actually my daughter's dog Dan. My dog would never listen to Beats :)
  7. burtomr
    Cruelty....Please call ASPCA....this is just plain wrong.
  8. R Scott Ireland

  9. tupac0306
    Nope. I take that back. Although they both sound clear, NT6 is more neutral and linear. 
  10. kkcc

    I would say neither even resemble 1p2. Hard to even put 1p2 in the same sentence with the 3DD which I also owned... 3DD has to be one of the most, if not THE most, disappointing IEM purchases ever.
  11. nazrin313
    To my ears, this synergy has probably made the 1plus2 to being complete.
    1. Modded Colorfly C4 Pro: Gives the 1plus2 massive soundstage, extends deep into the lows and highs, transparent, dead neutral and super detailed. Picks up micro details like noboady's business.
    2. Portatube +: Takes the above sound and gives a hint of warmth and lushness but retains the famous speed the 1plus2 is famous for. Also negates all sibilance associated with the 1plus2
    RESULT: The perfect portable rig for the 1plus2. the sonics this thing produces is EPIC
    H20Fidelity likes this.
  12. flymetothemoon
    Great stuff and thanks for sharing.
  13. nazrin313
    Thanks bro, before this, I had to use 2 other iems if I wanna listen to classical, acoustics, EDM, jazz...but now...goodness, I can live happily with just the 1plus2. 
  14. kkcc

    Yes. Strangely enough that 1plus2, while not really neutral, is my goto iem for classical. While the FR is somewhat U shape, it reproduces instrument timbre very accurately. Coupled with the excellent soundstage all my classical albums sound as lifelike as they get. No other IEM come close to it maybe other than the re600 on hm901 balanced.
  15. nazrin313
    ure right bro, matching the portatube with it actually fills a little of the U shape signature. I tested it on more vocal tracks like Rhye and Norah Jones. Before this, both of the singers voice were distant but now, its close and lush...wonderful
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