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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. vladzakhar

    Get DX90. Nothing better in this price range.
  2. nazrin313
    Im using the c4 pro and goodness me it just takes the 1plus2 sound stage from large to OMFG vast. This synergy is just out of this world.
  3. Ivabign
    Goodness the crickets are chirping over here since the Ref. 1 announcement.  Too bad the Uber Cable will fit the 1, could have got one cheap in another two months. [​IMG]
  4. eargo
    Yeah, this thread has been pretty quiet as of late.
    I still think people who are looking for TOTL IEMs should still strongly consider the 1Plus2, as I find it one of the best IEMs available if you are looking for a transparent and revealing sound. As most early adopters of the Ref.1 have said, the Ref1 is not an upgraded version of the 1Plus2, rather its an IEM tuned differently for people who want a different sound from the 1Plus2. 
    Even with just the silver/gold cable, I think it rivals many TOTL custom IEMs. I actually find myself choosing my 1Plus2 more often over the MH335DW.
  5. kkcc

    This is so true. Gavin himself said Ref1 isn't really a like-for-like replacement for 1plus2 and in fact most who had 1p2 who got ref1 now didn't plan on selling their 1p2.

    I can even see folks might actually perfer the 1p2 over ref1.
  6. midnightwalker
    That made me feel much better [​IMG]
  7. CosmicHolyGhost
    I joined the 1p2 club, too. I think they are awesome for classical!
  8. nazrin313
    The 1plus2 is off legendary status around here and has become my goto iems.. Love it, makes me smile everyday
  9. eargo
    Perhaps the 1p2 vs Ref1 comparison could be analogous to an HD800 vs LCD3 comparison, where you can make a clear case for keeping both?
    I have not heard the Ref1 yet, so I do not know if this is really the case. Maybe those who own or have heard the Ref 1 can chime in.
  10. lee730
    I love this :).
  11. nazrin313
    The truth speaks my friend
  12. eargo

    :beerchug: love never felt so good!
  13. R Scott Ireland

  14. lee730
    aww that dog looks so sad...  Bad beats bad! :wink:..
  15. nazrin313
    to our fellow AK240 owners, how does the 1plus2 pair with it? 
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