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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Bluebear

    That is what I am doing now. I looped the full length of the rest of the cable through my front shirt top button to somewhat hold the position in place. But if I am wearing T-Shirts casually that would not work, so what I am doing now is to swap out the cable with a cheaper entry level Westone replacement cable when I am just outside and don't need critical listening experience. But it would be nice if I can attain the hi-fi experience on a more comfortable setup without worrying about the wire positioning.
  2. xnuthecaveman
    maybe t-shirt clip, some like this?
  3. elnero
    I typically wear over the ear IEM's with the cable cinch fairly tight behind my head and the cable running down my back under my shirt. This usually avoids any issues with the cable lifting.
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I find stapling the cable to my body certainly corrects the issue.
  5. goodvibes
    True but I was referring more to voicing and not a better/worse proposition. You may still prefer what you have regardless of the quality of the Whiplash. Won't know until you try.
  6. tonyfiore75
    Hey Everyone,
    I was wondering what my cable options for the 1plus2 are? I've read about the gold+silver cable, the uber cable, etc. The thing is, my current cable (silver) is somewhat annoying. It's so stiff and awkward to carry around / move with. I live and work in NYC and am constantly taking buses and trains. I was wondering if there was a cable that acted more like your 'typical' IEM cable (flexibility) without giving away sound quality? Cost, obviously, is something to consider as well. I'd just like to know what  the possibilities are. I feel like the cable is the last thing I need to change in order to really be 100% comfortable with these. 
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did do a search but perhaps my search criteria was too specific as I didn't get the desired results. I'll keep trying, though. 
    Thanks so much!
  7. burtomr
    Several posters in this very thread have sprung for the new Whiplash *Gold* over Silver 'Reference' Cable with positive results. It's not cheap but it is flexible.
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  8. tgdinamo
    I have DHC Symbiote SE Hybrid (silver-plated OCC copper litz) cable and think it's a very good upgrade to Tralucent gold - SQ is at least as good (perhaps even little better due to less sibilance) and ergonomics are much better (very flexible - I use it during daily commute and have no problem with it at all). Also, one big plus is that the phones do not detach as easily from this cable as they do from the Tralucent cables (Tralucent cable caused my phones to detach on almost daily basis and I was always worried about losing the phones - with DHC cable I have not have them detach even ones after I installed them and that was about 2 months ago).
    I think I paid something north of $300 for that DHC cable. One downside was waiting about 4 weeks to get it built and delivered.
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  9. vladzakhar

    I would try Whiplash cables if I were you. I got one for my Shure 846 and its great for every day outside use. And SQ is very good. They have diff options too. And they make them here in NY state. Very fast.
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  10. goodvibes
    Getting the correct sig is important. Buying from Gavin would be my first recommendation but if not, silver with 1% gold alloys that I've heard seem to have the right sort of character.
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  11. H20Fidelity Contributor
    If any USA / Australian buyers are interested I have a V1 Tralucent silver cable for sale in my sig.

    I'm letting it go dirt cheap (probably to cheap). The synergy is not working out with my gear. 

    It would probably be best going to someone with 1Plus2 shells.
  12. wonjun
    new to Head-Fi.  Although I've been on a shopping supree in the sale/trade section for the last few weeks, this is only my second posting here.
    I have been listening to Tralucent 1+2 with gold/silver cables for the last three weeks, mostly with the large Ortofon tips.  These are definitely impressive IEMs that are very revealing, analytical with dynamic, openness, and great bass.  However, I just can't seem to shake the last bit of harshness and sibilance, although I have greatly reduced it by using JPLAY in hibernation mode and also connecting my Pico DAC/Amp directly to my PC's USB port using a A-male mini-B-male adapter (BTW, doing these things completely eliminated harshness from my Ocharaku Kaede).
    The tips shown are not Ortofon (not sure the brand), although I mostly listen to Ortofon (white).
    JPLAY Mini screenshot.  The PC screen goes black and Mouse/Keyboard non-functional while playing in hibernation mode.
    Pico DAC/Amp directly connected to PC using an adapter.
  13. wonjun
    For an aftermaket cable for the Tralucent, I've tried Effect Audio Studio "Odin" ($225 incl. shipping from Singapore to USA), which is supposed have technical ties to the uber-expensive Nordost Odin cables in that it uses the same seven-nines silver-plated copper wire insulated by the FEP monofilament tubing that is wound around the conductor.
    Anyways, my impression was that this cable uses a SOLID-CORE wire, and seeing how the solid-core Tralucent Uber cable improves sound over the stranded gold/silver, I thought I'd give this a try.  (BTW, I'm now no longer sure whether this is a solid-core wire).
    The cable is pretty thin and has very little coil memory, which makes the cable MUCH MORE ergonomic than the gold/silver.  I also think it looks nice as well, with a yellowish silver colors with a weaving type inner texture.  The Westone-type metal connectors fit the IEM's recessed sockets perfectly, and the fit is very secure. I can see this being a daily portable cable, from an ergonomic point of view.
    The sound is considerably more detailed and airy than the gold/silver cable.  It's much more analytical and nuanced in the treble, as if looking at the sound using a microscope.  Soundstage is also considerably larger.  This works GREAT with naturally miked unamplified acoustic music, such as classical and Jazz.  On the other hand, the sound is definitely brighter overall, and this does not help with the closed-miked and/or sibilant studio recordings, which can be brutal.  Basically, it feels like an overwhelming amount of information is being yelled at me.  So, while intellectually rich, it's difficult to connect emotionally when listening to these types of music.
  14. burtomr
    I would suggest the Tralucent Uber cable. Expensive but really improves everything especially the treble smoothness and the soundstage by adding depth. Really creates 3-D sound images vs. just a soundstage.
  15. wonjun
    Thank you for your suggestions.
    Yes, I have been reading the Uber cable is the "cure-all" for the 1+2, and I believe it, too.  However...I find it hard to accept that a ~$1300 IEM needs a ~$1100 cable to consumate its potential...
    If I ever find a used one for a half price, then maybe I'll consider it, just to see what 1+2 could sound like.
    In any case, thank you again for your advice.
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