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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. elnero
    I use Comply Ts500's which you may find help. I also noticed a significant improvement in top end smoothness when I got the CEntrance HiFi-M8, they seem to be a very good pairing together. Switching to a Mac based setup using Audirvana Plus as opposed to a PC/JRiver based setup made an overall improvement as well. Now, any traces of over emphasized sibilance have been pretty much eradicated with this setup.
    Edit: I should also mention that I use the Tralucent gold/silver cable.
  2. kkcc

    I m never a big fan of the Picos... Maybe you can try some more amp/DAC combos to find good synergy. Personally I'm more a all-in-one DAP guy so won't be able to you much suggestion. Maybe you can reach out to rudi0504...
  3. wonjun
    Thank you for the suggestions.   I see I have much to learn.  I haven't yet tried the Ts series.  Does it still sound open, while smoothing the treble?  I am about to try the Monster Super Tips (just got them today) also.
    A better DAC/Amp is next...
  4. wonjun
    Thank you for the advice.
    In fact, I just got the Kojo KM-01 and the John Kenny Ciunas DAC.  Still need to get a good RCA-to-3.5mm cable.  I'm planning to DIY it (just bought the connectors online)
    A DIY usb connector using silver wires.  Still need to DIY RCA-to-3.5mm cable.
    The DAC is considerably larger than the amp.
  5. wonjun
    Well, well, well!  I have finally listened to Ciunas DAC and the Kojo KM01 through my 1+2!
    I managed to DIY a VERY short wire connection between RCA outputs of the DAC and the 3.5mm input of the Kojo amp.  The 3.5-mm connector is a Supra MP-8 (gold-coated pure copper) with its shell removed, and the wire used is a 24AWG 4-nines silver wire.  On the RCA side, no connector at all!  Just used liquid tubings to secure the wires onto the RCA female connectors. (1/8" OD for center rod and 12mm OD of outer rim).  No solder used on the 3.5mm -- just tight winds around the solder holes.  I wore latex gloves during the assembly to preven tarnishing the silver wire.
    IMG_4018.jpg IMG_4020.jpg
    I first listened to this setup through the gold/silver cable and then through Effect Audio Odin, wondering if the Odin's hyper analytical quality be complimented by more musical DAC and amp.
    As expected and hoped, the sound of Ciunas and Kojo is MUCH more accomplished than that of Pico DAC/amp.  The sound had a much more body and tone saturation, as well as bigger dynamic and bass.  The hardness is all but gone.  Whereas with the Pico DAC/Amp, a singer's belch at the top of the lung can break up into a harsh mess, the Ciunas/Kojo combo resolves and interpretes the acoustics of the same belch -- it makes sense as a musical event.
    Another observation is that Ciunas/Kojo combo sounds warmer and darker than Pico DAC/Amp.  Curiously, with this combo, Tralucent with gold/silver was approaching the tonal balance of Fitear To Go! 334 -- warm, dark, and chewy, although still without the muddy impression of those phones.
    Enter Effect Audio Odin!!!  Now, the super separation of these cables are PERFECTLY complimented by Ciunas/Kojo.  The synergy is almost frightening.  After connecting the Odin, the VERY first note of the first song played made me sit up and the hair on my neck to rise.  There is such an alerting clarity to the sound that is approaching live that I instinctly respond differently to the tones being presented.  And since the Ciunas and Kojo have the body and tone to spare, the sound can absorb Odin's analytical qualities and NOT cross into harshness.  Now, I feel I'm almost at at the dead center of musical/analytical axis or maybe a hair on the musical side.
    I no longer wonder about the Uber cable, as I was told that the Uber loses some of fine air of gold/silver in exchange for the removal of sibilance.  I think I've hit upon a setup recipe that works perfectly for me.
    Tralucent Gold/silver cable
    Effects Audio Odin Cable
  6. wonjun
    BTW, can anyone (hopefully Gavin at Tralucent) help me with my question?
    I found that of all the tips that Gavin includes with 1+2, I like the white foam tips the best (shown below). Can anyone advise which brand and model these are, so that I can buy some spares?
    Thank you,
  7. gav007
    Are your foam tips white? The ones included with mine were grey and they are the Comply Foam T-500. 
  8. wonjun
    I guess it's kind of light grey -- almost white. 
    Thank you for the input!  I'll check out Compy T-500!
  9. burtomr
    Have you actually heard the Uber Cable? IMO it does way more than 'just' the removal of silibance. It enhances the Soundstage adding depth and detail, you can actually hear around instruments in a very 3-D way. Gavin really knew what he was doing. It is a very synergistic pairing with the 1plus2 which is quite possibly worth it's price. If you are after the best from your 1plus2's you really should audition it....you will never really know until then. [​IMG] 
  10. wonjun
    it's Effect Audio Odin.  I've decribed it in the last few posts.
  11. wonjun
    Hello, Burtomr,
    thank you for your first-hand insights!  Yes, I've read that the Uber basically completes the 1+2.  But because of its price, I was trying to find other, cheaper ways to achieve an agreeable end result.  It turned out I had to buy $1000+ worth of electronics and $225 worth of cable to get there.  So in the end, not so cheap :).
    Thank you,
  12. burtomr
    Thanks David. Yeah, I saw the cable name the second time I read your post so I just edited my post instead of deleting my question to you.
  13. wonjun
    Ah, understood.  All the better.
  14. wonjun
    I finally got to listen to the Uber cable with my 1+2 last night (I bought lee730's Uber with the proceeds from selling my Kaedes). 
    It was not quite as thick as I imagined it based on the photos, but I can see why it can be delicate to handle (maintain a bend radius).
    Anyways, the sound...   OMG.   Based on the reviews, I've been predicting the Uber cable is THE "completer" for the 1+2, and it turned out to be exactly that.
    The Uber cable improves the 1+2 to a point where I'm beginning to think 1+2 is really a $2500 IEM (with Uber) which was repackaged with other sub-optimal cables to meet different price points.
    First, a caveat: Contrary to what I've read in Head-fi, in my system, sibilance is NOT completely removed in all music.  For some music, it is indeed gone.  For other music (mostly studio pop and rock), I can still hear some sibilance.  Maybe it's somewhere in my system.
    Second, I notice that with the Uber cable, the best tips to use are Ortofon white silicone (my favorite with the gold cable and also the Kaede's).  Whereas the Odin's were so bright that it needed a pair of "sunglasses" like Compy T500, Uber puts 1+2 in a proper lighting condition without any help.
    With these contexts in mind, the Uber damn near perfects the 1+2. 
    Where do I start?  Bass... Yes, let's start with the bass.  OMG (again).  With Uber, 1+2 now produces genuine subterranean bass, the kind you get from full-blown subwoofers in speaker systems.  I know, because I own a subwoofer (Genesis 928, 17"x16.5"x15.75" sealed box with two opposing 12" aluminum woofers).  I mean, neither the gold cable nor the Odin (even worse) gives anywhere near the bass provided by the Uber.  It's comparison between standmount monitors (Odin), compact floorstanders (gold) and a massive coffin-sized speaker WITH a subwoofer (Uber).
    Next, tone.  With a wholesale upgrade in bass, mid-bass, and midrange provided by Uber, the tones from 1+2 are much more fleshed out and carry so much more emotion.  With Uber, I can now see that Odin was sounding incomplete from "neck down" -- like a person with very thick hairdo but an emaciated body.  Uber restores the balance. 
    Composure under climaxes: This is actually very important to me.  With both gold and Odin cables, busy climaxes in rock and studio-pop music (with drums and cymbals and several people belting out at peak volume) can become harsh, whited-out mess.  However, with Uber, things never fall apart, no matter how busy music gets.  1+2 now keeps powering through the busiest and the most chaotic of music without losing my interest.
    Soundstage: I agree with all others' comments about this one.  With Uber, the soundstage does become considerably larger and more 3-dimensional.  The soundstage/headstage becomes wider AND deeper in the forward direction (!).  Lots of interesting acoustics (reverberation, etc.) within that space is now uncovered, which greatly helps flavor the music with nuance.
    Detail: I guess I would like to say that, with Uber, it's not just details for detail's sake, but details that help make more sense of music, both emotionally and intellectually.
    Airy: While Uber does sound VERY open and airy, I think the air is now a bit heavier and wetter than that of Odin.  With Odin, the air is really aeriated with dry, light powder.  With Uber, the air is more filled with vapor of liquid.  It's a matter of flavoring, I'll take either.
    I'm sure there is more to say, but I'll stop here for now and add more comments later.
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  15. burtomr
    Nice write-up wonjun....probably the best description of the Uber I have ever read....nice job!!
    I agree completely with a minor addition...
    What the Uber does especially well is add 3-Dimensionality to the music. You never knew what you were missing until you hear it Uber-ized. Suddenly you can hear 'around' instruments front, back and sides, everything stands alone in it's own space independently. This is especially notably with rock drum kits....all the different drums are heard individually, not as one homogeneous mess.
    Also, I agree with your pick of Ortofon tips being very synergistic with the 1p2 and Uber. I don't know why but nothing else comes close.
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