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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Bluebear
    Imagine a balanced Uber cable terminated with 2.5mm TRRS plug for the AK240. [​IMG]
  2. wonjun
    Hi, burtomr,
    Yes, I agree with the acoustics around the instruments -- very true.  Another one of Uber's virtues -- separation
    Much of the credit of my Uber acquisition goes to your comments -- I thank you (although my wallet doesn't). [​IMG].  Truly a bucket-list worthy sound.
  3. vladzakhar
    Got my uber cable repaired from Gavin. Let me tell you, they are the best sounding items on the market. I thought, Roxanne will be the one who beat them and it didn't. I wish Tralucent would make customs. Also, I wish they would remodel the uber cable to be more outdoor friendly.
  4. Bluebear
    If Gavin comes out with a custom version of 1plus2, I will definitely buy it straight without hesitation. Even if I have to starve for a month to save up for it :) Imagine 1plus2 with perfect seal without the need to find the right earbuds.
  5. Bluebear

    Did any of you try using the Uber cable with other IEMs and how is the synergy like?
  6. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I heard if you plug Uber into something basic like Westone 4 they instantly implode. [​IMG]
  7. spkrs01


    My first sample uBer cable was for my Westone 4......many moons ago:)
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Would be like feeding them high octane fuel I imagine, poor things wouldn't know what hit them... [​IMG]
  9. Audiowood
    Really? Just as I was about to plunge deep into Roxanne and this came out. Can you expand a little bit on that? From what I gather so far reading Roxanne thread, it should sound very diff from 1p2 almost like the opposite spectrum. One is thick, creamy vocal, deep powerful sub-bass, very smooth at the top end and sound stage very 3D while the other is more mid bass focus with less sub bass, Vocal a little polite, superb clarity with treble extend all the way to the very top and sound stage more like 2 way speakers and less 3D.
    Care to share more about these 2 IEMs since you have heard them both. I appreciate your thoughts on this.
  10. Bluebear
    I've heard the universal Roxanne demo against my 1plus2 and it is basically like what you have just described. I do not really like the Roxanne's sound signature though compared to 1plus2 because I find it not airy and sounds rather veiled. Its soundstage is rather small compared to 1plus2 even though it is supposedly more 3D? Not sure how I can reconcile that it is more 3D but smaller soundstage. Maybe I should say more depth but less wide soundstage? If you A-B between Roxanne and 1plus2, you will get the feeling of "in-your-face" when listening to Roxanne on switching over from 1plus2 to Roxanne. When switching back to 1plus2 from Roxanne, you will feel like you have suddenly lost a lot of warm in the SQ that was from Roxanne. Ultimately, it depends on what is your preferred sound signature. If you like open, airy with more clarity and laid-back sound, then 1plus2 is for you. However, if you are those who loves dark/warm, very emotional with heavy impact/hard-hitting powerful sound, then Roxanne is for you. I am not saying 1plus2 is not emotional, it is just that Roxanne bring it to a totally different level by dropping airy/wide sound in exchange for bass-kicking emotional sound. However, I want to highlight that it is important to note the amount of bass dial you turned in. At totally flat/zero bass on the dial, Roxanne sounds rather weird/thin/dull which is the reason many Roxanne owners prefer to set it at 1-2pm position on the dial instead of 9pm.
  11. vladzakhar

    I love them both, but Roxanne compare to 1+2 is much darker. It doesn't have this this huge treble extension (in non fatiguing way).
    Soundstage is much wider on 1+2.
    Instrument separation is more refined.
    Bass is about the same, but on 1+2 it sounds more natural.
    Vocals, especially, female are so good that I can hear when vocalist is inhaling the air.
    The bottom line is if you listening these 2 iems straight out of DAP (ZX1 in my case), the 1+2 clearly wins sound wise.
    I like Roxannes for more prolong sessions, especially, out and about for superb isolation and comfort.
    1+2 with uber cable is good for home listening at night when nobody bothers you.
    If I would have a decision to make between  Universal Roxanne  and 1+2, you know my answer, it is 1+2 without any questions.
  12. CosmicHolyGhost
    After a long day of work yesterday, I met with Gavin to return his LCD3 which I did not like at all after one week of loan.  I was not in the mood for music after a tiring day at work, but to my surprise, Gavin pulled out his new IEMs. As soon as the music started playing from Tera player, the massive (in relative iem term) sound stage and impeccable bass that quickly drew my attention. It is possibility the best bass I heard from an iem. I then switched to my familiar source HM-901 (mini-box card) and confirmed that I got the same aural sensation.  Afterward, I switched to AK-120s to Mass Kobo 385 to listen to some Blue Coast DSD and Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The spacious, refined and detailed presentation really sold me completely. I then listened to some violin concertos to check if I could get the timbre of my favourite musical instrument. All checked. It looks like I have something I wish to upgrade for my portable setup.
    I also got to meet with two other local head-fi enthusiasts  who were equally impressed with this new iem... As I was going home, I went into a headphone shop to see if I can get a sweet cash deal for a pair of TH900 to run them off my Leben CS-300SX… and I did… I briefly listened to some ECM recordings before bed and the bass from the TH900 was in fact less mesmerizing than what I heard from Gavin’s iems……?? I need more time to confirm over the weekend….
  13. Bluebear
    [​IMG] Gavin R&D'ed a new IEM!?! How does it compare to 1plus2's SQ and soundstage/clarity? If it retains/improves on 1plus2's SQ and boost its bass response at the same time, then I think we have a new winner. Is he going to put it up for mass production sale anytime soon?
  14. CosmicHolyGhost

    Bluebear, sorry.... I do not own 1plus2 (I was always meaning to but got distracted by other new toys...). I was informed the target release date of this new iem is May this year. I think it is gonna be a killer iem. Originally, I thought I did not have to upgrade portable gear as I bought FitEar C435 and Hugo this year...
  15. holeout
    Concur. Tried multiple sources with them - AK240 / AK120S + ASP T-05 / MBA + Chord Hugo, scales up really well. Sound stage and resolution is most impressive with the MBA / Hugo IMO, and this is with standard silver/gold cable while the iems are not quite ran in yet. Can't wait to audition it with the Uber cable after running in. I think Gavin is officially naming it the "Reference One". Rekindled my interest in iems after listening to them.
    The TH900 sounded a bit dull to me for the first 3-7 days, especially with the mid/hi, but will definitely open up gorgeously. Patience, my man! 
    The Reference One is a definite improvement over the 1+2 in terms with timbre and resolution with new drivers configuration. Regarding the bass improvement, it's not the quantity but the quality which to me sounded more refined - better definition, control and extension, all the way from mid bass to the lower octaves. I think Gavin is still doing some minor refinements on them before mass production. Btw, Reference One is a bit smaller than the 1+ 2 and sits in my ears much better.
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