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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. midnightwalker
    Those are what i am using [​IMG]
  2. MikePortnoy
    From where can I get original ortofon tips as well?
  3. VisceriousZERO

    Musica Acoustics I think
  4. soullinker20

    At first I did have the sibilance but after burn in, they don't have anymore from my experience. Using silver and gold cables
  5. tgdinamo
    I also noticed some sibilance but only on few "hot" recordings (ie Louis Armstrongs "What a Wonderful World" album is one of my favorite and I do notice sibilance quite a bit when he sings).
    Also, I haven't noticed any sibilance with my RE-600. However, 1P2 is so much better in every way with 99% of other music I like that I don't even use my RE-600 any more.
  6. vwinter

    So the BAs then?
  7. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I can see where this is going.....
  8. vwinter

  9. vlach
    I haven't read through all 328 pages of this thread...wondering how these compare to the Shure SE846? Thanks.
  10. VisceriousZERO

    846 is more on the warmer side, the 1p2 is on the bright and analytic
  11. Audiowood
    Here is my findings on the new;

    NEW Flagship TWau Reference GOLD PLATED SILVER

    In short: This is a zero cable. It brings nothing to the table, by bringing nothing to the table, you are one with the music... :)
    In not so short: I have been listening to it for the past 3 days, perhaps not fully burn in yet, and all I hear is an improvement to the overall sound quality. Its not going to give you warmth, or boost the mids to make it less U shape or get more treble, this is a very neutral cable, so neutral I call it zero. In fact, by not doing any of this, the cable let the music flow as is.. so effortlessly that I absolutely love it.
    With this cable not adding anything to the tonality, I experience the fullness of my Sony ZX1 in its greatest glory, there is depth & expansively wide with a good height. The sound becomes larger. There is a good amount of layer after each layer, and the detail is superb. The tonality is still very much the same as the stock gold silver cable, but its a more refine diamond that shines.. If you ask me what is the greatest features of this cable, it will be the ability to maintain that treble energy without the harshness of the stock cable. It becomes a more refine treble quality and crystal sounds like crystal without the harshness and its even more life like. The occasional vocal sibilance of the stock are smooth out like a diamond without sharp edges and yet the treble energy within it, does not go down or roll off, in fact without some of the sibilance, I experience the vocal in its fullness.
    Cable has zero microphonic issues, and is not as bouncy as the stock, it retains the coiling without bouncing off. I love the wooden coin, its like wearing a pendant on neck.
    This cable does not bring any additional bass, unlike the V3 cable that I have which brings up mid bass and depress some of the clarity. This cable brings absolutely nothing to the bass, it neither enhance it or depress the tonality but what it does is, it refines it. The refinement can be heard when the bass tightens up and in a very well control way as compared to stock. This quality is not so obvious as the stock is already very good, it maintains that goodness with a hint of tightening.
    Overall I love this cable, and yes its much cheaper at $525 than the uber cable. I have not heard the uber cable but this cable is indeed an upgrade to the stock gold silver cable. The qualities are more refine and if you ask me what is the most obvious differences, I would say that the smoothing of the treble without loosing any bit of that energy, there is no more occasional sibilance, there is none now, the rest of the qualities are pretty subtle yet brings a lot more enjoyment to the music. This cable will not sound as if u added a new dac/amp like the uber does, it does nothing of that, cause all it does is.. lets the music flows without adding any preservatives.
    This is why I call it.. The zero cable.. By being nothing, you are everything with the music..
  12. vlach

    Thanks VZ, appreciate your feedback.
  13. vladzakhar

    I have 1+2 with uber. Unfortunately, cable jack broke and I send it back for repair. I didn't have any items at the moment, so I decided, what a hell, I'll buy Shure 846 and return them later, while waiting for my Tralucents. Let me tell you, I think I'll keep them. These babies are really good. They build like tanks. They disappear in your ears and you won't feel them.
    Tralucents like twice bigger and not that comfortable on the go, specially with uber cable. On the sound: bass is on the pair with 1+2s, sometimes even better. Mids are sure better
    (Shure is known for it), highs are not as bright as Tralucents, but it still very good. The only weak part is soundstage. You can't beat 1+2s crazy wide soundstage.
    So, for critical inhouse listening I choose Tralucents. On the go, 846s no doubt. Maybe, my preferences will change, when I get my first customs JH Roxanne (on loooong waiting list). But for now these two universals are the top game.
  14. high-fidelity
    Hey guys,
    I currently have IE800 and SE846.I wanna ask you something.Did/does anyone compare 1plus2 with SE846 ? Which is better ? And why ? What are differences ?
  15. achl354

    I think comparing 1+2 to 846 is comparing two different styles of sound, 846 from memory is pretty warm, full bodied, whilst the 1+2 is more detailed, better clarity/transparent and wide soundstage. I would imagine both be a great choice and suit different genre of music and listening styles. Its all down to personal preference.
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