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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. achl354
    Didnt rhapsodio had the same thing out on market before?
    i read it was practically the same
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Something like that I think. Not sure.
  3. achl354
    anyhow, gotta say 1plus2 is my all time fav iem up till now
    i havent owned it for long, around 3 months. Wasnt sure which iem to choose and was reading how hyped the 334 was, then the only way to choose is to demo it
    after few rounds of a/b comparison between 846, 334, SEM6, and 1+2, 1+2 came out a clear winner, but i am biased towards the more analytic sound it offers
    And for 1+2 owners who are still using the stock cable, I STRONGLY recommend you to try pairing with other aftermarket cables, it will deliver unexpected results (whether u like it or not, is personal preference), for me it was a WOW. It sounds totally different when paired with Piccolino
  4. Mimouille

    How did Piccolino affect the sound sig?
  5. achl354
    for reference, i was using the stock black coated gold cable originally, and had it for about 2 months. So by the time i swapped cables, i was pretty familiar with the sound it offers; which to my impression was that the sound stage was wide, good detailing, but things are presented rather flatly. The vocal was more laid back, so it was like sitting about 7-10m back from the stage 
    then swapping to the picco, first impression when i got the cable was, wow, will bi-wiring do the job?
    Then comes to the impression; soundstage-wise, it was more holographic (3D) but slightly narrower. most noticeably was the vocal, it was projected forward almost like the singer is singing right in front of you (say you are 2-3 rows from the stage). In addition, the bass had more punch in it (in terms of boxing, i would say the stock cable was a middle weight boxer throwing jabs at you; and the picco was like a heavier weight boxer throwing the same jab, but obviously it comes with more force and punch without slowing things down).
    The overall dynamic was also better and fluid moving. However, i do find the picco a tad too smooth for me, the vocal blends in really well, and things sound more mellow than before, however for some tracks, some finer detail (background intrument) is slightly less clear.
    Overall i like the picco, not only that it is more ergonomic (not economic though), and sound-wise, it makes the 1+2 more musical and enjoyable.
    Gear for testing
    straight out from AK120
    as well as from AK120 -> kojo km01
  6. MikePortnoy
    What is the best pairing ear tip for 1plus2?
    Its stock tips are awful to be fitted...
  7. achl354
    i tried the comply t500 and shure tips, kind of changes the sound a bit (treble)
    personally i would recommend monster supertips (gel or foam) -> but you need to find a good fit and seal first
    alternatively i would recommend the spinfit tips, works like wonder, comfy yet on par with the supertips in terms of SQ offered
  8. MikePortnoy
    Thank you for your response. However I dont like comply tips, because it seems to put a curtain on high frequencies and boost to low frequencies. Every time that I try comply tips , I become dissatisfied. 
    I am going to have a look to monster tips. How about ortofon and Ue100 tips?
  9. Mimouille
    Thanks for the detailed answer...might try it out.
  10. achl354
    actually i never tried the ortofon and ue tips, anyone who has pls share some experience!
    there is also the sony hybrid tips that i wanted to try, but cant source them
  11. achl354
    if u can get ur hands on the old version silver/gold wire, that will work rather well also!!!
    Oh, i will also have the toxic silver widow and double helix silver peptide litz cable in soon, will post some impression once they both get their usual 100hr warm up time
    there is also the plussound silver/copper hybrid wire, but that would need to be made into a cable first (pity i was moment too late on a pair of used toxic virus cable going for 100euros, what a steal!)
  12. MikePortnoy
    Do you mean Tralucent 400USD silver cable as the stock cable?
  13. achl354
    no, i am referring to the mid grade 'gold' cable, which should be $795 on musicaacountic
  14. MikePortnoy
    Sorry, you already did respond to my question in one of your previous messages. I just saw it.
    Have you ever tried Tralucent silver cable (low grade)  and compared with other aftermarket cables?
  15. achl354
    no unfortunately not, as far as i know, some store dont offer the silver cable as the pacakge
    personally i love to roll cables, just further fine tune to get a more desired sound
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