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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. MikePortnoy
    Thank you for the info.
    Could you solve the sibilance problem with aftermarket cable?
    I dont have a sibilance problem when I listen to Re600 or He-500 on same tracks. It is strange that 1plus2 has a sibilance problem, thus it is a 1300 USD iem..
  2. hecaitomex
    @H20 No need to upload a photo as mine are exact those on the second pic!
  3. Mimouille
    It was a trap, those on the second pic are actually Monoprice iems.
    eke2k6 likes this.
  4. hecaitomex
    what is monoprice?
    okay so i will try to get a pic till i know how to upload it.
    lets see..... image.jpg
  5. hecaitomex
    so what is it now? old, new, anything elese? :scream:

    I can btw really recommend those Sennheiser IE8 double flange tips, they sound amazong IMO
  6. Mimouille
    I was just kidding. These are the new ones.
  7. achl354
    i dont find the 1+2 has any sibilance issue, it could be contributed by various factors such as your dap, the recording/file, the amount of usage you got on the cable/1+2, last but not least, you could have a more sensitive hearing
    sometimes i do find a little sibilance in certain artist's songs (e.g. jap singer Ken Hirai) but then i wouldnt say those files are exactly my avergae quality files (they are some mp3 that i kept since years ago)
  8. burtomr
    Agreed....I too discoved the Senn Double Flanges are AMAZING!
    Fit like they were made for the 1p2 nozzle: The nozzle sits right at the end of the eartip, which opens up the soundstage (see picture above). I use large size eartips and the Senn Doubles are perfect for us large-eared folks....fit better than even AUVIO's. Highly recommended!
  9. vwinter

    Oh I laughed. A huge peak in the mid-treble will do that.

    Honestly I expected more sibilance than it actually has. I don't know if it's bad enough to call it a problem but I'd say unequivocally that it will exaggerate sibilance recorded into a track to some degree fundamentally due to the frequency response.

  10. hecaitomex
    has anybody ever tried Heir's Magnus 1 or the Moon Audio Silver Dragon with the 1P2?
    Magnus 1 is on the way as i thought its the most flexible "upgrade" cable (my tralucent gold/silver isnogood for on the go).
    yesterday i discovered that there is this even more flexible looking Dragon :mad:
    if anyone had ever listened to one or both of this wires i would be happy about some impressions
  11. achl354
    magnus should be a copper cable? not sure how copper cables sound with 1+2, but assume would make it slightly warmer. Closest i tried was the whiplash v3 hybrid, which didnt provide much of a different sound
    i think in general, most aftermarket cables is flexible enuf for portable use. And apart from moon audio, make sure you check out other brands like double helix, toxic, plussound, they each offer something different and the price is also different so make sure u do some looking around before choosin
  12. hecaitomex
    Magnus is silver/copper.
    Thanks i will check the other brands!
  13. VisceriousZERO

    I've heard a lot of sibilance on my 1p2 but it depends largely on the music you play. Deathly accurate is how I'd describe them. I used ortofon large tips with my 1p2 and it made it even more deathly accurate. One thing we tried are the TG334 tips and those reduced it a bit..
  14. Audiowood
    Yes me too... So I went in search buying up lots of cheap tips and finally settle on the monster super tips (foam) - they have the gel version but doesn't work for me. I settle on this because
    1) It is very comfortable and does not drop off like silicon stock tips every time you smile
    2) The sound quality is unmatched, as it does not sucked up the treble frequency like ordinary foam tip, they have a some sort of silicon layer channeling the sound straight to your ear without passing through the foam causing it to loose the high frequency energy (see pic below)
    3) The bass goes deeper and and much more prominent than silicon stock tip - Effect much more than changing cables.
    4) Isolate better than silicon and will not easily loose the seal by itself as the foam shape to your ear canal.
    5) comes in more sizes to fit my special ear (extra small, small, small med, med, large, xlarge),
    The sound quality of my 1p2 beats the silicon tip in every dept., I highly recommend it even if it cost $39.99 per pack.
    Check it out here: http://www.monstersupertips.com/overview.asp
  15. burtomr
    Heads-up!.....Best Buy sells 'em for $29.99 w/free shipping >>>Link
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