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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Gintaras
    Scott, congrats and... sorry for your wallet :D
  2. lee730
    Glad you like them Scott. They should definitely improve with usage? Which cable did you get? The cable and the IEM themselves will continue to change the sound with usage. I actually didn't like how my pair sounded when brand spanking new. After 17 hours though they really started opening up for me :).
  3. R Scott Ireland

    My daughter's dog - my dog only listens to Audeze :)
  4. R Scott Ireland

    Thanks! Yeah, my wallet is getting used to it at this point.
  5. R Scott Ireland

    I got the silver/gold cable, since I'm using it as a portable rig. I thought the Uber cable might not work well in a move-around/portable environment. These sound so good to me right out of the box that I'm trying to imagine how they could get better, and what the uber must sound like.
  6. midnightwalker
    I brought the uber 1p2 with me outdoor for a week to test its portability. No problem. The actual cable is smaller than I imaged.
  7. lee730
    The next problem is affording it :wink:.
  8. lee730
    I feel ya. I felt the same way with the old model moving to the new one. Couldn't imagine it getting better but it did. With IEMs of this caliber you're gonna have a lot of fun rediscovering music and possibly the loudness wars. I've gone back through a ton of my music and got rid of most of my remasters and acquired the original releases from back in the 80, early 90s. Yet even more rediscovering of music :).
  9. R Scott Ireland
    Ugh, sounds like I'm gonna have to save up for an uber cable. Thanks guys! (I know, sorry for my wallet).
  10. gmahler2u
    How much is the Uber cable anyway? 
  11. waynes world
    ^ If you have to ask... :)
  12. midnightwalker
    $1300 if you buy it separately [​IMG]
  13. flymetothemoon


    While most fellow head-fiers have the tendency of buy and sell.  Should you take a moment and review how much actual value lost over the last 2 years [on buy and sell] and you might find most of us can afford to get the Uber easily (should we waste on money on buy and sell).


  14. midnightwalker

    You gained experiences. It is a journey not just about an ibud users saving more than $2000 and then jump up to the uber 1p2. It does not make sense to me. I do not think we are wasting money on these stuffs.
    Lindskog likes this.
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Although I see the point of spending once to get the job done right, it is very much about the experience along the way,, learning signatures, preferences, presentations, to find out what suits the individual. So while I agree going all out once is beneficial you're not really tinkering with the inner cogs of portable audio.
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