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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. midnightwalker

    What i can confirm now is that the different is not day and night. May be I will need more time on the uber or I may need better source as well. I paired the 1p2 with stock ak120 feat Arrow 4T and Theorem 720.
  2. lee730
    With that kinda setup I'd opt to get the AK120 modded to the S mod and probably get a killer amp. That should bring you up to desktop quality on the go as well as show you the capabilities of the 1Plus2 with uber cable. :wink:.
  3. Bokyung
    Nearly lost my right piece today. It randomly came off haha. Time for dat ducktape mod.
  4. lee730
    With the small piece of tape used on the inside for grip mine has not come off since :p. Wouldn't risk taking them outside without addressing that first.
  5. Bokyung
    It's staying in my room. Forever. lol. Got other iems for outside haha.
  6. midnightwalker

    What amp do you suggest me to pair with the ak120&1p2?
  7. lee730

    From what I heard you might want to check this amp out. That is if you opt for the S mod from vinnie to make it worth your while. However I do use the Tralucent T1 amp with the AK120 with great effect. It's definitely an improvement over stock. Just depends how far you want to push the envelope. With an uber cable I would be very much pushing that envelope :wink:.
  8. Mimouille
    RSA71B works great too, and they have more or less the same size.
  9. midnightwalker
    May be I should give it a try. Thank you.
    @lee730: The Tu-05b is way too big for portable setup, I think :frowning2:
  10. bmichels
    At least you can make it  'trans-portable' like I did :)
      photo5-2.jpg   photo1-2.jpg
    photo4-2.jpg   photo5-1.jpg   photo3-2.jpg   photo2.jpg
  11. woodcans
     That's fantastic!! PM sent.
  12. lee730

    Well I tried :wink:. As mimouille said the RSA amps are a good option as well. How much bigger can the amp be than your DAP? Of course portables will have their limitations due to the inherent size.
  13. bmichels
    Upgraded the solution since with incorporating an XLR plug INSIDE the TU-05 ( a very very tight fit!) , so that I don't have to carry this Big XLR-> miniJack adapter, and do not use this VERY FRAGILE mini-jack plug any more.
    PS: also added some "damping material" in several strategic locations, inside and outside the TU-O5.
    photo3-6.jpg   photo5-6.jpg
    photo4-5.jpg   photo2-4.jpg
  14. R Scott Ireland
    Just got my new 1plus2's this weekend. Listening to Bruckner symphonies with a DX50 line out feeding a Tralucent T1 amp.

    Wow, these things are really, really nice! What a beautiful soundstage for symphonies. And Gavin says they will contrinue to improve over time. Hard to imagine them any better than this!
  15. tupac0306
    Looks like your dog is suffering from listening to Beats pro ;P
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