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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Idsynchrono_24
    Eve/Eke definitely has a point. I'm planning to take a trip to Cali with my K3003s and my G-2 and I'll probably have them hooked up to a Sony F886 Hi-res blah blah blah. My friends all know about my insane "expensive" tastes and my goal was to have them sample some of what I hear on a regular basis. The thing is... I find the EarPods to be so stupidly good for the price (free for a lot of people), that all of my friends would just think I'm absolutely, unquestionably CRAZIER for dropping the dough on stuff that's not exactly worth 50X the price of a retail EarPod.

    I'm getting a Sony MH1 in, in a few days and I fully expect that to further challenge the notion of performance/value with my TOTL phones as well :rolleyes:
  2. Gintaras
    funny, all improvements of sound is just in our heads and it depends how much we want to pay for this. there is no such thing as sound per buck otherwise we could quantify Beethoven vs. Mozart... truth is that both were musical genuises and while for me Beethoven's 9 symphony is the top of all classical music achievement before and after for some other this will not be true.

    why telling this? if someone loves sound of iPod earbuds i happily agree with him because this is his choice. what i do not like is putting sound differences in $$$ and talking down good product because of prohibitive price.
  3. Gintaras

  4. burtomr
    Earbud fans: Supposedly Yuin PK-1's are the "Ultimate traditional earphones" (read earbuds):
    I guess if you really like earbuds you should be using these to uphold your status as a true HeadFier...[​IMG] 
  5. Gintaras
    Burtomr, what so bad i did to you to deserve this? :p

    yeap, i believe i have actually these left from older CDP portables and Mini Disc players, somewhere in boxes in the cellar :wink:
  6. burtomr
    Gintaras, you're cool dude.
    I was just amused by all the talk of 'earbuds' and figured I owe all my HeadFi brothers an upgrade path in case you thought Apple earbuds were the end of the line.
    They're just the beginning of the path to audio bliss....that has no end....[​IMG] 
  7. flymetothemoon
    In 1999, I went through a painful experience as I bought a pair of speakers that is no match to my then set up.  The long story cuts short...I ended up replaced my entire front end to suit the new speakers.
    However, thereafter, my luck came and I had hung on to that system [previous system as listed on my profile] for over 10 years.  
    My journey to my current head-fi set up was short (only started one year ago) and I had a few zigzags before came to this ultimate set up [Tera+1Plus2 Uber].  I still hanging on with those surplus equipments though listed below...
    - Sony EX1000
    - Sony Z1000
    - Vorzuge Duo
    - ADL Stride
    They are very good equipments but only at a different level to TP/1Plus2.
  8. midnightwalker
    You have my dream portable combo :frowning2: but too bad that I can not select song or play list with the Tera so may be I have to sacrifice a bit in SQ. I wish it could have a small screen to select songs :frowning2:
  9. flymetothemoon
    The AK120 might suit you.  It has pretty good SQ. 
    If you can wait and the new Sony Zx1 could be another pick too.
  10. Gintaras

  11. flymetothemoon
    Enjoy this song very much and that's how my signature comes from!
    Is your Uber in sight lol!
  12. Gintaras
    i do enjoy this for many years now mate [​IMG]
    concerning Uber, ah.... ufff.... errrr.... i need prepare myself for this ... lol
  13. bmichels
    or... the $999 Calyx M with DXD + DSD, 64GB + 192GB internal / external storage   [​IMG]
    24/384 DXD, 128DSD capable.
    Full Touch OLED Display, 4.65inch
    64G internal, 192G external.
    Can be used as a stand-alone asynchronous USB DAC.
    141.5 X 70.8 X 14 mm
    If you liked calyx Femto sound, this is definitely for you.
    MSRP: USD999.


  14. flymetothemoon
    Gonna be a very fierce competitions in the next few months.
  15. midnightwalker
    I am not sure if I want to try the Sony Zx1 or not but the very important thing that made me pull the trigger on the Ak120 is the USB DAC function. I keep my fingers crossed.
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