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Tralucent Audio 1Plus2 IEM (Now With 'New' 1Plus2.2!) Impressions Thread

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  1. Gintaras
    chaps, IMHO this hobby is all about music and sound we want to hear from our gear... as such i see no problem jumping from iphone iems straight to 1p2 or similar calibre iem because there is no point in analysing sound signatures when you know what and how should sound for you. this journey is rather a pain we are taking to find something we like and what suits our wallets. i do not see big reason in buying all they way to the top when have enough money. upgrades are always done at a loss at least most of the times.
    however we all like to know about hidden gems like H200 or DN1000.
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I still think even if I purchased 1plus2 (which very well may happen) I'd still play with mid tier gear because curiosity is to strong in this hobby, especially head-fi in general, as you can see yourself gintaras yoy ask me many questions because you're curious, i think we all are, thats where the addiction lies, As some know I have an original 1plus2 unit here with revised silver cable. Still although it sounds great I'm off experimenting in the Astrotec, RHA and Dunu threads because that's what the hobby is about, and a curious mind will usually defeat the wallet along with immunity one builds up to an earphones signature over time.
  3. Gintaras
    H20, true, this hobby is addictive because cheaper offerings create an illusion of cheap... but when i count total spent i concur that amount of money could have bought me Uber cable or another pair of great IEMs. perhaps i am less ethusiastic now when i know what i need. having 1p2 i still wait to hear an IEM that can beat it for the sound, i mean the sound which i love because 1p2 is more a loudspeaker sounding IEM than typical monitor.
    agree, i admire all great products and i am happy with most of my gear.... still i find it often sitting in boxes because i have only one pair of ears... you know i would love to listen to all of my gear at once but for this i need minimum three pairs of ears [​IMG]
    that said i still was so stupid as to order DX50 with a free BR3 pair from MP4 nation, so even my daughter now thinks i am mad. and re-selling is pain in the rear as i am not so good at this. even my old trusty Cowon stays with me because i cannot part with it and use this in my car with great pleasure... C3 is something still amazes me and even RDB+v1 excites me and looks like my pair is as good if not better than a new mini version so i hesitate selling it ... the only thing which i sold for now were TF10 with silver cable and Zo2, that's all.
    hopefully you can see my point better now. in my dreams i wish i could own every bit of great IEM or DAP or Amp but in reality i barely find time to listen to all of them, which forces me to ask one simple question: is not this time to stop and enjoy??? [​IMG]
    PS: errrrr........ i nearly forgot, i still own Musical Fidelity EB50 which i wish to sell but cannot since this is the most neutral IEM i ever heard, dead neutral which i can keep as reference... pity this is single BA only but this was made by Dunu for MF and i think Dunu learnt a lot from MF so this is how DN1000 was born [​IMG]
  4. tgdinamo
    It depends on what the goal of this hobby is (different for each person). I'm really not all that interested in spending time comparing/reviewing various players, headphones, amps, etc - much more interested in music then equipment.
    So I came to this site because I wanted to upgrade to the best possible mobile setup in terms of maximizing hires SQ and mobility (with the goal to not end up upgrading all the time - I fell into this trap with computers and cameras in the past and wanted to avoid it with this music related hobby).
    I feel very fortunate that I made the right decision right away as far as the player is concerned - did not mess around with cheaper and/or less portable players that I probably would have wanted to upgrade from fairly soon, so went straight to Tera (my best purchase decision ever).
    At the same time I made the mistake regarding headphones - should have purchased 1plus2 right away and be done with it as experts on Tera forum recommended - that would have saved me at least $1000 which I spent on few other phones.
    At the end of the day I don't mind having those other headphones as my wife and kids will use them, but the reality is I can not use them now that I have 1plus2 (they sounded good enough before I got 1plus2 but not any longer - 1plus2 made any thoughts about other headphones permanently gone and I no longer even need to hang around this forum in terms of looking for any changes to my setup - I will remain subscribed to Tera and 1plus2 threads but that's pretty much it for me.
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Yeah I see your points. For me I tend to have clean outs every few months, just move gear on to make way with the next. I don't really have anymore than 4 decent purchases at once, maybe 2 of those only being favourites. But when I come across something special (to me) like ER4S for example I just can't let them go.

    1plus2 is still the best earphone I've personally heard though to date I'm just rather paranoid of becoming bored/immune of the $1k+ signature in a short amount of time, (very common for me) would it be worth it to me. Lee reckons he'll never become bored of them.
  6. nehcrow
    Hey H20 I think we listen to a lot of the same genres so wondering if you think the ASG-2 stack up to the 1plus2 in EDM etc.?
    Looking for that perfect IEM...
    Plus it seems we both can't sleep haha
  7. burtomr
    Gintaras has heard/owns both.
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Lol, 4am here in Australia. I'm actually lying in bed in a pitch black room typing from an iPod touch right now :p

    Remembering I don't own either of those earphones and only auditioned at length I'll tell my thoughts in PM tomorrow but unless you're a fan of quite prominent and somewhat forcefull mid bass I'd be taking 1plus2 for my preferences . They absolutely tore industrial techno and EDM to pieces when I had them. As I've said they reminded me of my car audio days flying down the road with x2 15" sub woofers in the trunk accompanied by a $5000 system in the cabin.
  9. nehcrow
    the way you describe them makes me want them so badly now! dayummmmmm
    i'll eagerly await your PM :)
    now time to try and get some sleep
  10. Gintaras

    no, i own only 1p2 but auditioned ASG2 at length.

    all i can say they are no comparables, very different and each is superb. read my ramblings on ASG2 forum to see what i mean. really both are amazing for their own purpose but 1p2 is better all rounder while ASG2 is something real huge with acoustic and vocals. but each is superbly enjoyable.
    i could live happily with both and ASG2 is under serious consideration once Aurisonics issues update.

    soooooo... there are fine IEMs that i would not compare like cockroaches and these two are damn great irrespectively and considering ASG2 more than generous pricng.
  11. Gintaras

    another one bites the dust :D

    all you have to do is request auditioning... then there is no way back :p
  12. burtomr
    auditioning = DOOMed
  13. EveTan

    Personally, I would have been unhappy if I jumped from EarPods to the 1P2. I actually prefer them to the 1p2. But of course in my preference. :wink:
  14. AmberOzL
    You are about to enter into a world of pain my fellow head-fier. [​IMG]
  15. eke2k6
    You know, he's actually right. The journey is good, but it's the main source of our delusions as audiophiles. We've become trained to accept tiny changes at huge costs.
    I had the UERM , 1Plus2, and other top tiers. I made a friend listen to them, them tell him what the prices were. On all occasions, he said they definitely sounded better than his earpods, but he could never Ina millions years justify the cost/improvement gap. I agree with him too.
    So I think the main point of the journey is to make you
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