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Toxic Cables - Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. MiniaturelandAudio
    Well I contacted Max, the only option I was given was to wait until next year, when the business was operating again.

    Trying to dispute Paypal was the most frustrating thing ever, they have atrocious customer service, like ebay. Their half automated/half copy-and-paste hack job responses were just awful. I sent 3 very different emails, they ignored pretty much all of the points and sent back almost 3 identical replies. I stupidly didn't realise Paypal had a 180 day time frame, but even if I had, I still wouldn't have put in a claim because Frank had contacted me, I was aware of the unfortunate events happening in his life, I was willing to be patient. Who would have known the tragic event that would follow.

    Although Paypal have been very unhelpful, I am still hoping to get my money back from them. I paid using Paypal CREDIT (although not a credit card, they offer a debtor-creditor-supplier agreement) so I have raised a claim under section 75 of the consumer credit act. Seems ironic really that they wiped their hands of my complaint, yet as a credit provider, could be jointly and severally liable for any breach of contract under section 75. Of course at no point did they offer this as an option. They also have very little info about this on their site. I wasn't even sure if Paypal Credit was covered by section 75, but luckily under their credit agreement I found it listed so I am slightly more confident.

    This probably doesn't help you sadly though.
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  2. notorious4163

    How are you guys?

    I have recently purchased the Empire Ears Legend X (2pin) and was wondering what cable would you recommend? The Silver Widows 22/24 or Hydra18/22? And the difference?

    I'm looking to maintain the clarity of the silver cables, while maintaining a deep bass that hits. Unfortunately, I didn't do my research enough, and I bought a cable from Ted Allen. I saw the Facebook post saying his cables aren't that good. Did I mess up with my Ted Allen Silver Cable? (Should I switch back to the Effect Audio Copper Cable?)

    So my question is, what would you recommend? Silver 22/24 or Hydra I'm also looking to expand the soundstage and image and overall musicality/fun of the cables.

  3. bvng3540
    Pw audio 1960s 2 wires, but if you can get 4 wires
  4. fiascogarcia
    Don't believe everything you might read on Facebook. First off, you're not going to be able to get any Toxic Cables till next year at best, unless you can get them on the classifieds. Secondly, I currently own Effect Audio Leonidas, Thor 2 8 core, and Ares cables, and have owned the SW22 as well. Frankly, Ted's Silver Litz T2 cable is very competitive soundwise, especially considering the markedly lower price. It's a very cohesive cable, and his silver is particularly good at bringing out the lower end and maintaining a good sub bass, so I wouldn't think you made a bad purchase. I can't say how the pairing will be with the Legend X, but it works very well with my Phantoms. Cables make a difference in sq, IMO, but it's not the huge difference you might expect when you are paying big bucks for cables. I think sometimes we talk ourselves into thinking they're that much better because we subconsciously justify the amount of money we've spent on them. Nevertheless, cables are fun to play around with to get that little bit of sq change you might be looking for.
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  5. notorious4163

    Thank you for this! And yes, after further research I have learned the difference in sound quality. Ted Allen Cables are amazing and so are Toxic Cables

    In terms of sound quality tho, how would you fit Ted’s cable in? Can you maybe say rank the cable you’ve heard if that’s not too much trouble

    and honestly i’m not gnna wait a year for a cable. l0l
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2018
  6. NaiveSound
    What is a good cable with a mid forward signature?
  7. bvng3540
    Are they still deliver diy parts and wires if we order it
  8. choisan
    Absolutely not, whoever paid by PayPal over 180 days and full payment by bank transfer were told to wait for next Apr, no refund.
    Many of us are waiting for the magic Apr.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2018
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  9. Schwibbles
    I just received a refund on Aug 18th for my order from Feb 11th
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  10. RobertP
    So sad to hear this unfortunate news. Frank will be missed. I ordered Black Widow 26 gauge wire from him last year and I'm happy with the sound quality from the cable that I DIY. I have Sony WM1A and A18t CIEM. I can say that my Toxic cable sound noticeable more natural overall in comparison to included premium spc cable from 64Audio. The Black Widow is a hair warmer (well, not noticeable most of time) but still maintaining good high and mid 3D separations, soundstage and details. A bit more sub-bass also. I'm glad that I bought the wire before it no longer possible. Hope that the company will be up and running soon.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
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  11. sensui123
    I am deeply saddened after reading this news coming back to head-fi. I was one of Frank's biggest customers because I absolutely believed in his products and have always been spoiled rotten with all the fine cables he's personally made for me. The news devastated me because him and I have shared many things on a personal level and have become friends over the years...it took me days before I can even write about this. I'm having a hard drink now not only wishing Frank's surviving family members my best...but also toasting to the loss of a friend and a great guy with a real vision in this industry. Max...I don't know how to contact you but if you read this, feel free to reach out and I look forward to you possibly continuing Frank's legacy. Live your life head-fi guys...enjoy every moment with the ones you love along with great music.
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  12. cho8
    Only just came back to the toxic thread today as recent unfortunate incidents mean i have to slowly and selectively rebuild my heapdphones, players and cables collection.

    Quite a shock to read the news about Frank(rip Frank)if only because you never expect these things to happen. I know many including myself have always told Frank to take care of his health and not push too much work wise only for sad news to take him in this way.

    Hoping that his family is coping a bit better now and also that some of you who had ordered cables have your issues resolved.

    It takes certain things in life to make you realize that money and possessions aren’t the most important things
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  13. 495045
    Yes, and TRUTH and HONESTY are some of the most important things,
  14. Uncle Monty
    This has become a very sad and distressing thread. Can't believe what happened to Frank.

    Has everyone who placed orders had their money back or are Toxic still in business?
  15. Chris_Himself
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
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