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[TOUR] T-PEOS H-300 - 3 Way Hybrid - Australian Tour Thread - (Impressions / Reviews)

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  1. waynes world
    That is until the mighty vmoda bliss 3.0 fittings take the crown!
    Just kidding! What do I know - my ears are easy to please :)
    Seriously though, I finally just did a quick ab between the mh1c large tips and the vmoda bliss tips on the h200 (c3/bh combo, daft punk lose yourself to dance). Seems to me that the vmodas lessen the mid-bass somewhat, resulting in a tighter bass, seemingly more details through the midrange, possibly a bit more treble extension, a more balanced sound, while at the same time completely reducing "the peak" (like the mh1c tips do). So in summary, although both tips sound awesome on the h200's, the vmoda tips to me refine the sound to some degree over the mh1c tips.
  2. svyr
    =) I do agree with comply tips it probably depends on the tip size and canal shape as per http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/comply-foam-tips-and-effects-tip-selection . not sure about tx vs t series, comply say the foam mesh is acoustically transparent

    for the test track, I usually take an average over metal and rock and a few 'rap' and pop ones, but tend to specifically go to the most sibilant ones (Eminem's Monster, Love the way you lie, and Not afraid are usually pretty horrible on 7-10k. Often it's a relative 'sort of ow' vs 'reach for eq'. Much of Sonata Arctica, Pretty Reckless and Royal hunt are problematic there too ). I'm not sure if some people also have more of a resonance in their inner ear for 7-10k.
  3. roy_jones
    I'd be curious to hear about a comparison between the comply and a medium shure olive.  I've found in that past that if something sounds good with the comply, usually I can get away with using the olives. 
  4. svyr
  5. roy_jones

     Yeah, I guess it would have to be.  I still get my comply model sizes mixed up, so I can't see just by looking what they'll need done. 
    Maybe they don't need to be de-cored, though.  I've got them to stretch over some wider nozzels. 
  6. svyr
    =) i meant shure olives.
  7. d marc0

    I just did the test and they're too hot with silicone tips. The comply ts200 reduces the peak but remnants of TSSSSST are still there but not as bad.

    Might try the tsx200 again...

    Noble 4 exhibits traces but doesn't go sibilant. So I'll try and do a filter mod to match the Noble 4 treble...
  8. waynes world
    Why am I getting the impression that the H300's are hotter than the H200's...
  9. d marc0

    Unfortunately I don't have the h200 to compare. From memory I think the h300 is a bit hotter.
    Its still better than the h200 tho...
  10. djvkool
    Package received safe and sound
  11. spurxiii
  12. djvkool
    Not particularly, but H-300 definitely is crisper, mind you it has been that long since I've heard H-200
  13. d marc0
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Terrible review, very negative, not adding to OP. 

    Added to OP. [​IMG]
  15. d marc0
    You got me worried there... [​IMG]
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