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[TOUR] T-PEOS H-300 - 3 Way Hybrid - Australian Tour Thread - (Impressions / Reviews)

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  1. Loquah
    These are sounding interesting so far.
    I'm currently reviewing the Atomic Floyd Super Darts (and will probably buy them because they're that good!) so can't wait to compare with the H-300s
  2. jonyoo
    So this is where the H-300 party is at lol.
    I remember I was looking at getting the Super Darts when I first stumbled upon T-Peos' hybrid series
  3. Loquah
    I honestly think the SDs have possibly the best bass (quality and quantity) I have heard from an in ear - just beguiling!
  4. lin0003
    Best quality?!! [​IMG] Sounds impressive. I've never actually heard it before. 
  5. svyr
    must relisten to at Billymav's when I get a chance - probs at the meet
  6. White Lotus
    I'm surprised you don't own any already!
    They are really well built. They look so good.
    For the life of me, I honestly can't remember how they sound..
  7. Loquah

    They're quite U shaped in sound so pairing with the right device is important to control the treble a bit, but with a neutral-to-warm source they are really excellent. If I buy them I can bring them to the meet.
    And yes, they are incredibly well built - they look like the Ferrari of IEMs!
  8. djvkool
    The bass is good, but nowhere near as good as 3X's bass...
    OK guys let's get back on topic here please? need to keep on H-300, otherwise, we would have to face uncle H20's wrath...[​IMG] 
  9. newdm
    Since the casing of the H-300 has a certain size and weight, how is the fit?
    Sadly, I have rather problems to get a proper fit with my beloved TF10, so I consider to sell them to fund the H-300 preorder.
    Has the H-300 a better fit than the Dunu DN-1000s?
    (based on pictures, the H-300 should be slightly smaller and lighter...?)
  10. d marc0
    H300 casing is slightly smaller in barrel size but longer. As for the weight, it's significantly lighter than the DN-1000.
    I can't comment on fit as I have no problems with either of them.
  11. newdm
    Hi d marc0 [​IMG].
    Good to know that the H-300 is somewhat light, but I hope the casing is not too long?
    I assume that the bad fit of my TF10 is (also) caused by the length of the casing, maybe it's some kind of leverage effect.
    (my ears are actually not small)
  12. d marc0
    It's quite long but I don't find it a problem... then again, I also don't find any problems with the TF10. 
    Fit and comfort really varies significantly from one user to another. 
    I hope you can audition one so you'd know what you're getting into.
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Doing some synergy testing with H-300. 


    After using sophisticated measuring tools.


    The winner is........


    d marc0 likes this.
  14. lin0003
    I'm surprised he 3rd Anv doesn't best it... 
  15. newdm
    Yes, everyone has a different ear shape. Beside the casing, the tips are an important factor for the fit.
    Sadly, an audition of the h-300 won't be possible, since there is no distributor in Germany.
    Well, I need to rethink the purchase, until the preorder offer ends...
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