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[TOUR] T-PEOS H-300 - 3 Way Hybrid - Australian Tour Thread - (Impressions / Reviews)

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  1. ethanc
    To those who have upgrade cables and have heard them with these, which synergize best? and is t-peos still selling these upgrade cables? i.e. 7n occ silver cable from the h200?
  2. svyr
    dunno about that but my h200 cables fit the tour h300. (just fyi)
  3. H20Fidelity Contributor

    I have an SPC (silver plated copper cable) although I didn't like what it did for H-300, it made the sound to aggressive, a little pushy/edgy. it seems to detract H-300's intended sound. I ended up sticking with the black mic cable. Plus I don't mind the way it gives H-300 a kind of K3003 appearance.

    I have some concerns about T-Peos upgrade cables for H-200 and H-300, because where they terminate into the DC plug (jack) that's a thick connector at the end (at least the negative terminal). I feel although the wire does it's work through the cable a percentage of sound changes are canceled at that thick plug and the sound takes on the jacks characteristics anyway.  Where as on a Westone cable for example the wire terminates into two tiny pins. To explain it simplified: like that DC jack is flooding a majority of changes.

    Keep in mind, It's just a theory and nothing has been proven.

  4. svyr
    http://www.head-fi.org/products/t-peos-h-300-3-way-hybrid/reviews/10702 one more review for the road, before the tour unit goes to d marc0
  5. lin0003
    Great review!
  6. d marc0

    Wonderful review mate! Thanks!
    Can't wait to finally hear it.
  7. spurxiii
    Nice review I also can't wait for this. Saving up already just in case
  8. svyr
    thanks guys, sent the tour unit to d marc0 via express signed for post :wink:
  9. redrich2000
    Hey, could I please get in on the tour? I'm in Sydney.
    Svyr, how do you think the treble compares to the DBA-02 mk2? I'm using them at the moment and think the treble is way to hot, even with EQing they are a bit too harsh for me.
  10. svyr

    =) i actually think dba-02 had less of a hot treble. and that's what thought of it http://www.head-fi.org/t/593812/fischer-dba-02-mkii-impressions-and-review-thread-ck10-threatened/255#post_8320942 for me, h300 is very easy to eq down though. There's also no 'strange timbre' for H300
  11. redrich2000
    Wow these must have some seriously hot treble. I have been EQing the Fischers but I agree with your impression of them.
  12. redrich2000
    BTW have you heard the FAD Heaven IV or V?
  13. svyr
    nope. I think some of the other tour members may have.
  14. djvkool
    Great stuff, very enjoyable read
  15. d marc0
    The h300 has landed! Oh boy...

    Thanks svyr.
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