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[TOUR] T-PEOS H-300 - 3 Way Hybrid - Australian Tour Thread - (Impressions / Reviews)

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  1. lin0003
    You won't be disappointed I think. 
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    All tour positions have now been filled. We have a full house of 10 members.
  3. lin0003
  4. djvkool
    Just a quick note - @mobynet confirmed that the HF special price will finish at the end of this month, and the standard price will be USD$300
  5. SkyBleu
    Seems like with the increase in their model number, their price reflects it.
    H-100 ~$100, H-200~$200, H-300~$300
    I may have declined to be on the tour, but I am awaiting to read all your reviews on this unit, to see if it's as mighty fine as H20 says it is. [​IMG]
    ....Aaand really this is my way of "subscribing" to this thread without posting "Subscribed". [​IMG] 
  6. lin0003
    Lol, OK [​IMG]
  7. White Lotus
    What's the discounted price?
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor

    $270 USD shipped EMS $250 + $20 shipping. The pre-sale is in the sponsor section. 
  9. spurxiii
    Will the presale be gone before the phones get to me?
  10. svyr

    definitely yes. it closes end of march? depending when we get the h300, you're about 8-9 weeks away +- 2-3 weeks on postage (builds up 2-3-4 days per person, even if we send express+ tracking)
  11. spurxiii
    Oh damn
  12. ethanc
    has the tour officially started yet?
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor

       Sent on the 12th of March, arriving shortly via 2-3 day EMS shipping.
  14. spurxiii
    Has anyone heard from nehcrow? I bought the Emotiva mini-X last week from him. He said it was going to be sent last Friday but I haven't seen it and i've got no response but PM.
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor

    His profile says he was online 14 minutes ago. Often I have sent him msgs and he doesn't see them for a day or so.

    I would try to find him in a thread he's recently posted in then quoting him to check his msgs.

    That's what I did last time, I needed to summon him.
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