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[TOUR] T-PEOS H-300 - 3 Way Hybrid - Australian Tour Thread - (Impressions / Reviews)

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  1. H20Fidelity Contributor
    We have another member joining the H-300 tour. @redrich2000 The order will remain the same for all current members.

    Also, thanks to everyone moving the tour smoothly, we're going well!
  2. d marc0
    Great! Looking forward to your review @redrich2000
    'glad you could join us [​IMG]
  3. djvkool
    Nice one
  4. lin0003
    Great! Look forward to reading everyone else's impressions. 
  5. White Lotus
    Writing mine up tomorrow.
    My girlfriend seems to have fallen in-love with these as well. Odd.
  6. lin0003
    Lol, what about the LCD-2s? They sounded pretty damn good at the meet so good that Lachlan wants a pair now [​IMG].
  7. djvkool
     Not hard to fall in love matey - it's actually the most exciting and fun IEM I've heard so far, more exciting than my Merlin dare I say, but yeah the weird midrange, and too bright/crisp for prolonged use...
    ...I'm actually missing H-300 right now hahaha...need them deep vibration eargasm rumbles hahahah...[​IMG]
  8. xaddictionx
    Agree! I wonder what did they feed the bass to be so gooooddd!!
  9. White Lotus
    Here is my review:
    And the units have been mailed forward to my good friend @Loquah !
    Thanks for the fantastic opportunity, @H20Fidelity !
  10. Loquah
    Nice review, mate!!

    You've got me looking forward to these to see if they can dethrone the Super Darts as best bass in an IEM (in my experience).
  11. xaddictionx
  12. White Lotus
    I tried it with a few different amps, but I prefer the E18 to most!
    A big call! Lets see how it pans out..
    I didn't think ANYTHING could deter your love for the Super Darts..[​IMG]
  13. Loquah
    Haha - well I didn't buy them so there's still room for a hybrid to do awesome bass, but with the smoother treble I prefer. I am worried though that the H300s will suffer the same problems of being so seductive and awesome for those who like a brighter sound, but not the right signature for someone like me who shies away from treble and prefers a smoother, slightly darker signature overall.
  14. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Listening to H-300 mid-range and treble presence is a little like placing ice cubes on your genitals then trying to remain still for some, we can however promise possibly the 'clearest' mid-range you may of heard from an IEM.

    And the bass well..
  15. Loquah
    Having never tried that [​IMG] I'm curious now to listen to H-300s to gain some semblance of what that might feel like...
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