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Topping DX7 - DAC and balanced headphone amplifier

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by faber65, Mar 16, 2017.
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  1. Detectit
    I have mailed Topping about it. No answer yet.
  2. Detectit
    I have mailed Topping about it and the DX7S will be available at the end of February. Price will be no higher than 500 dollars.
  3. Ted Presley
    Well, well, nice. Would buy one :).
  4. btkli
    Hi, I am a new member in Head-Fi. I have read all the post here bout the Topping D30 and the DX7. I actually ordered a D30, but wanted to pick some of your brains. I would like to know what you would recommend between the D30 and the DX7. The thing is I mainly need this for the DAC only (shared between a Mac And PC over a KVM switch). DAC is connected to a Yamaha Amp, so I really don't have use for a headphone amp. I am just wondering if the DX7 would be an overkill for me.

    I am currently connecting my system using a Audioquest Dragonfly (v1.5) black. But I have seen your comments here, and I really want to give the D30 / DX7 a run. What do you guys think?
  5. Paladin79
    I just received a DX 7 from Massdrop, hooked it balanced to dual Nuforce amps on to Sennheiser HD 650's and I am very happy with the outcome. I built all associated cables. Currently testing it with some binaural plus music that I know well and the separation of vocals is incredible.
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  6. Kgtree
    Hey guys, I think I have a solution for anyone experiencing an issue with their DX7 preventing their pc or monitor from entering sleep mode. Basically the device installs a usb audio driver and a human interface device driver and it is the hid device driver implementation that is causing the issue. If you open up device manager and unplug and then replug the DX7 usb cable you can figure out which hid device entry is associated with the DX7. Then just simply disable the corresponding hid device and the problem should be solved without breaking or altering the normal function of the unit.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2018
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  7. UNOE
  8. amirm
    I just finished my measurements of the DAC portion of the DX7 comparing it to D30. There is no question the DX7 is a measurably superior DAC. See: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/...phone-amplifier-review-and-measurements.2286/

    Here is some data from that:


    As you see it is much better in low level noise/distortion. It is now my recommended DAC, replacing the D30.
  9. btkli
    WOW! @amirm Thanks so much for the detailed review! I wasn't expecting that, so this is great!

    I have been using the D30 for about 2 weeks now, and I have to say I am very happy with it. But now, I think I may have to start saving up for a new toy! I just want to ask, in your experience, are the difference significant when you are listening to music? There is a significant jump in $$ between the D30 and the DX7, in your opinion is it worth the x3 difference?
  10. amirm
    My pleasure btkli. No, I don't consider the differences audibly significant. If you have the D30, you are good to go.

    The better measuring DACs just give peace of mind that whatever fidelity issue you have, it is not the DAC. And for high resolution audio playback, it is important to have a DAC that has linearity above 16 bits.
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  11. UNOE
    I like the time out mode cause it will auto start when music is played. But is there a way to change the duration of the time out?
  12. Dulalala
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  13. blitz9826
    Here I am, posting for once. My Xduoo-XD05 which I ordered four months ago just arrived yesterday to get stuck at customs. Joy. It STILL isn't here. In other news, my buddy's friend who frequents China said he'd get me the DX7. I was like woohoo! Bad news, I had to pay an extra 60 bucks, coming to 460 USD. Sigh. FINE! TAKE MY MONEY! The guy got back to his hotel and sent a snap of the thing out of its box.

    IT'S A DX7S!!!! Oh yeah babeh! The guy's leaving China today and flying in around Tuesday/Wednesday. It'll drive my HE-400i via balanced and ATH-A900x via SE. Will share thoughts as soon as it's in. Might also get around to writing a review on the ART HeadAmp Pro 6, and possibly the XD-05 once it arrives so you can relate better.

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  14. crabdog
    Interesting, it looks as though the upgraded "s" model is the only one listed on their site now. Seems they're discontinuing the original version.
  15. UNOE
    Only $60 more
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