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Topping DX7 - DAC and balanced headphone amplifier

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by faber65, Mar 16, 2017.
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  1. Jimster480
    I would buy a UE Impedance jack.
    It will help you out with all of those headphones and costs around $10.

    You might not notice a difference with some of them, but you might with others.
    It really depends on the headphones.

    Usually I use my DX7 attached to an o2Amp since I have really low impedance headphones (myspeakers Aeon and Oppo PM-2 and Denon D7200 and Denon AH-MM400).

    If I use the DX7 output I use it with an adapter and the 3.5mm UE Buffer jack.
  2. UNOE
    That is unfortunate. Part of the reason I bought DX7 was to simplify things for my home setup with monitors. I'm kind of tired of having to switch amps every time I want to change headphone and taking the o2 and mojo back in forth from work to home. I might turn around and sell DX7 if it doesn't work well with all my headphones, because then no point of keeping it.
  3. UNOE
  4. Jimster480
  5. shadow84
    I supposed this should work well with LSR 305 speakers? Dun really use headphones at home though.
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  6. badman
    Yup- it's actually my next step with this device, is testing my 305s out with it. It should be a superb match, a tiny and affordable true hi-fi system.
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  7. UNOE
    I have the 305s and my DX7 arrived today. Haven't opened it yet. Though my cables from Ghent won't be here for another week or so.
  8. Jimster480
    I have cables from Ghent also. I have both the dual wire and the 4 wire versions.
    There are no differences but I liked the 4 wire connectors for my setup.
  9. UNOE
    I been using DX7 for few days now. So far its little warmer than I expected. It consumes 7 watts using DAC and SE port for headphones at any volume level. It uses 3 watts of power when off in standby mode. The remote is solid.
  10. Jimster480
    The warmth is solely the output impedance mixed with your headphones.
    This unit is basically the definition of objective reference, use it with an o2 or some other ~0ohm output impedance amp and you will see what I mean.
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  11. UNOE
    I'm fine with warmness. I haven't built my impedance balanced cables yet.
  12. taz23
    Based on online chat with Topping on the Taobao app, they say that DX7s will be released in end Dec or early Jan.
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  13. Ted Presley
    Going to get a DX7, but I think I will wait for DX7s.
  14. Snidel
    What is the advantage of the DX7s against the DX7?
  15. Ted Presley
    Upgraded DAC chip - New dual ES9038Q2M.
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