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Topping DX7 - DAC and balanced headphone amplifier

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by faber65, Mar 16, 2017.
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  1. Snidel
    Thanks for the fasta nd precise answer, that improvement most likely worth the wait for many, i got unlucky and i already ordered one before see this
  2. Jimster480
    We will see.
    I ill likely buy the DX7S when it comes out and test it against the DX7 to see if there is improvement.
    Honestly the DX7 is already so revealing that I'm not sure how they could actually improve it. As the 9028 and 9038 haven't been much of an upgrade vs the 9018 in terms of sound quality.
  3. taz23
    Based on some surfing, I get the impression that the new ES9038Pro is quite an improvement over the 9018. And the ES9038Q2M is also an improvement over the ES9018K2M.

    Curious which models have you compared...

    Nevertheless, good to hear that the DX7 is already very revealing; gives the confidence that DX7s shouldn't be too bad.
  4. Jimster480
    Most of what is available is just marketing nonsense. The actual specs aren't much different and they are both the same architecture.
  5. UNOE
    I paused headphones unplugged headphone walked to get something came back plugged it back in then hit play it was really loud. And volume was turning music down it was staying constant high. What did I do? I turned it off back on and everything was fine again. I tried the same pattern again and it is not doing it now. I must have pushed something else. Can lineout come through headphone jack?
  6. crabdog
    This happened to me as well but only once. I don't recall exactly what I did but I think it was the same thing that triggered yours. Gave me one hell of a fright and at first I was worried that I had blown up my 99 Neo :anguished:

    Luckily it hasn't happened since. At the time I was using the driver provided by Topping but since then I've switched to the generic Windows driver. Not sure if that is a factor though.
  7. benchan2
    Hi all, I wanna ask if anyone here experience the volume imbalance on left/right channel when on low volume? Because I sometimes want to listen to my high sensitivity iem, and DX7 doesn't seem to have gain option.
  8. selvakumar
    guys please any one do an TearDown Video and post some picture of this beauty
  9. Jimster480
    No need, it's digital with no channel imbalance at any volume.
  10. Paladin79
    I was able to order a Topping DX7 yesterday when Massdrop reopened a drop, $319 price. Occasionally I will use it just as an amp but initially I will pair the output with two NuForce HA 200 amps for a balanced output with plenty of power. IMG_2300.JPG I will replace a Teac UD -301 which is decent but from the reviews I have read, I hope the Topping is audibly better.
    LajostheHun likes this.
  11. Dulalala
    If the new model will be released soon I might just hold off on buying one now... Good thing I found this thread! Wouldn’t have known otherwise.

    I’m assuming the UE impedance jack is just an attuenator right?
  12. shadow84
    I gotten the DX7 and have a question. There is a difference in volume level when i play music in foobar and watching movies with MPC. With my previous setup of Audiogd nfb 15.32 and Audioengine A5+, there is no difference or not noticeable difference when i switch between music and movies. How to solve this? Music is much louder as compared to movies at same sound levels.
  13. Detectit
    Owwww man still undecided here.

    Topping DX7 sexy looking machine all in one box.
    Fairly more expensive than the M8a but DX7 with integrated amp. And linear psu.

    I have a IFI Micro SE amp on its way. Because of good reviews and hardware EQ possibilities. 3d sound and Bass X.

    Looking for a dedicated DAC and SMSL M8a looks very appealing.

    When i ditch the IFI would the DX7 be the best all in one package? My headphones are easy to drive.

    Audeze Sine
    Sennheiser Momentum
    Takstar 82 pro
    And some KZ iems's

    It saves me a linear PSU and dac.

    Does the DX7 has an eq possibility? Couldn't find a manual anywhere.
  14. trellus
    The DX7 doesn’t have bass boost like the iFi. That kind of feature isn’t typical for most desktop amps. (I have the iFi CAN amp which has bass boost and 3D, and it’s neat but I use it only occasionally), so if you’re looking for hardware EQ controls, you might have to consider adding another device into your chain like the Schiit Loki, which is a dedicated 4-band tone control device.
    Detectit and Paladin79 like this.
  15. newtophones07
    Any updates on possible release dates for the upgraded Topping DX7pro??
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