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Topping DX7 - DAC and balanced headphone amplifier

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by faber65, Mar 16, 2017.
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  1. amirm
    My pleasure. I am glad you liked the information.

    I keep a thread on equipment I have already purchased that is waiting for review here: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/amirs-todo-thread.2074/

    I had not gotten requests for the UD-301 so it is not in the backlog. I did see review the Teac NT-503 though: https://audiosciencereview.com/foru...asurements-of-teac-nt-503-networked-dac.2028/

    At $400 the UD-301 is a bit too expensive for me to purchase right now. If someone wants to buy it and loan it to me, I am happy to measure it.
  2. Reinhold
    i´ve got mail from topping regarding the remote. here is the answer:

    Dear Reinhold,

    DX7s will not come with a remote control, remote control will be a optional which need to purchase. We will add this option later.

    Best Regards!
  3. L0rdGwyn
    I emailed Topping and got the same answer. Hope it isn't too pricey!
  4. blitz9826
    My total cost including the remote came to ~490 USD. Ouch. That probably includes the guy's own charges for bringing the thing to me, but even that cost is probably around 15, 20 bucks. Oh well, I won't look to upgrade into a higher grade audio past this point anytime soon anyways, so this doesn't bother me too much.
  5. Reinhold
    how much will the remote cost?
    Answer from Topping:

    We haven't finish making it yet, so sorry we do not have price yet. I believe it comes on March.
    Best Regards!
  6. blitz9826
    Which must mean I got the DX7 remote. I've noticed taht the IIR option isn't working, every other button is functioning as it should. Oh well I'm not too crazy about those things anyway, as long as the damn thing works with ASIO DSD out I'm a happy camper (plus the awesome device chaining possibilities *_*)
  7. chungjun
    I have a similar setup, V281 > HD800S, am on the look-out for a DAC... would be interest to read about your impression...
  8. crabdog
    I'm just waiting on a delivery for some balanced XLR cables. Once they arrive I'll be hooking my DX7 up to something utterly ridiculous. Can't wait!

    trellus likes this.
  9. Arniesb
    Oh i forgot tobpost it...
    I think This Topping pairs very well with Violectric.
    At first i thought Sabre chips would create some slight sibilance in long term listening, but with V280 i can listen for hours with no discomfort or fatigue.
    Sound is very well balanced with these components. There is no peeks or dips or harshness that i could tell, only case that you can experience harshness is because Song are badly mastered.
    I really love Soundstage when V280 balanced + Topping. It always sound wide, airy, holographic and precise. Even though i liked Utopia slightly better, but Soundstage is just absolutely far better and more impressive on HD800S. Sure fanboys might say Utopia have more precise soundstage, but only slightly, i can say its like comparing HD800S Oculus Vr to 3D Utopia.
    Overall sound balance is SPOT ON with Topping. You wont loss low end grunt or midrange warmth, just gain more transparency with it, more realism, air and soundstage.
    Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and overall any great vocals sound great on this system.
  10. amirm
    FYI on audiosciencereview forum, someone asked Topping for the IR hex codes and they provided it. So if you have a programmable remote with a PC app to send it hex codecs, you can use that instead of waiting for Topping.
  11. chungjun
    Thank you for sharing your insights. Appreciate it. I too am a little concerned about peeks, harshness and sibilance. Glad to hear listening fatigue is not an issue. I listen mostly on Spotify.

    Wondering if you had any chance to do a comparative listen of DX7s with other DACs?

    I might consider this and hopefully catch the next Massdrop run. Not in a rush.

  12. Paladin79
    XLR cables are so easy to build unless you lack a soldering iron. I am curious about the tube amp you would be using.

    I have tried my DX7 on various balanced amps including the Teac UD 301 (amp dac), and a tube type amp I built. I like a bit more power so I rarely just listen to the amp portion of the DX7 and use it more as a DAC and pre-amp out. Currently I push two NuForce amps into various headphones and the dynamic range is quite good. I like tube amps but it is always good to have solid state for a comparison.

    I have favorite music I test with but I just listened to The Beast in Me by Nick Lowe on the balanced setup and the depth of base and mid-range is as good as I hoped for. I am running Mr Speakers Alpha Primes, (one of my favorites on closed cans). I also love to test such a system using binaural plus music, Noah Wall singing St.James Infirmary and Amber Rubarth covering Losing My Religion. The music is recorded as the human ear would hear and the only reverb that exists is produced naturally in the recording setting, oftentimes churches.

    Because I build all my own cables, DX7, upgraded Mad dogs to Alpha dogs, dual Nuforce amps, all done for slightly over $1,000. Since the DX7 allows for multiple outputs I also run to a Nad amp, Martin Logan and Polk speakers, ($140 total cost but I do have the ability to do my own electronic repairs.)
  13. crabdog
    It's the Phatlab Phantom. A really crazy amp which I will be doing a full review on. I actually wasn't planning on using the balanced output until this thing turned up.
  14. Paladin79
    What is the approximate selling price of the Phantom? There is little info out there except for what is listed on the Phatlab site and I did not see a price there. I generally stay away from tube amps with output transformers but I might grab one to test if the price is right. Personally, I like balanced output and if that amp indeed pushes 2000 mw a side then it peaks my interest. (depending on impedance of course).
  15. crabdog
    It's not for the faint-hearted at around 4k. Pictures can't do it justice though, it's a real beauty.
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