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Topping D50

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by junki, Apr 8, 2018.
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  1. Technopiper
    I couldn't get DoP64 over SPDIF, but I only gave it one shot and switched to usb. I get DSD via DoP alright, no problem there. I see no point in using native as there isn't any DSD512 anyway.

    Further comparison between DSD and CD: I listened to Mozart's violin sonata no. 28 by Podger/Cooper. I use foobar's "random play" between CD and DSD versions and think I can tell which is which. The DSD version sounds more "transparent". Now I'm talking like an audiophile. :frowning2:
  2. Technopiper
    I tested again and you can play DSD with only the drivers. You just need to reboot afterwards.
  3. Acke
    Oh sorry, I misread that you couldnt find DSD512 so used DSD256.
    The reason to use DSD512 is for PCM conversion, its recommended to use highest DSD rate possible for the conversion... apparently it has measurably lower noise.
    Of course you need twice the CPU power compared to DSD256, meaning that you may have to use less demanding and usually worse sounding filters. and know that for whatever reason I actually preferred the sound of DSD256 with the same filters

    Oh and you can upsample DSD256 or less up to DSD512, again I thought this sounded worse than native
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
  4. Technopiper
    Can anyone confirm if your D50 displays "bitrate" at all? Mine only does when playing DSD files ("1Bit"), but shows a blank when playing PCM sources. I thought this is normal behaviour until I looked up pictures of it. It does display sample rates correctly. I am connecting with usb.
  5. Acke
    yes, thats not normal. the only thing I noticed was that with SPDIF it always displayed ''24bit'' even with 16bit files.
  6. PointyFox
    Mine says "1Bit" when playing DSD too, but shows the bitrate when playing PCM.
  7. Ripper2860
    ^^^ Ditto above
  8. Technopiper
    People with correct bitrates displayed, what is your OS? Mine is Windows 8.1. With optical cable mine always show "00Bits", googling shows others have the same results with SPDIF. Anyway I just wrote Topping cumtomer service.
  9. PointyFox
    Windows 10
    Technopiper likes this.
  10. Technopiper
    Another question for those with D50: is your bitrate fix to the bitrate you set at windows (16/24/32)? Or does it vary according to the source? Here's what I found at another site:
    "Just one question about D50 display. If it pairs with windows USB, it always displays 24 bit or 32 bit bit depth( depending on what I choose from USB driver configuration) even what I play is 16 bit /44.1 or 24/96 or 24/192). When I use it with my android OTG, it always display as 32 bit . on the other hand, the sample rate is displayed correctly ( 44.1/96/192 )."

    If it's fixed, maybe I shouldn't worry if mine shows a blank or not. :p
  11. PointyFox
    It's fixed.
    Technopiper likes this.
  12. Technopiper
    Tried it on a Windows 10 laptop, same thing, no bitrate. Perhaps it only applies to newer batch. I got mine 2 days ago, serial no. 1811xxxxxx.
  13. PointyFox
  14. HiFiRebel
    Windows 10. Showing 32bit. I don't have any drivers installed.
  15. Technopiper
    Yes I did install the drivers. Bitrates are left blank except for DSD sources in which "1Bit" is shown. Come to think of it, the DAC will always receive whatever bitrate you set Windows to, adding 0s to extra spaces (e.g.,16 or 24bit files streamed as 32bit). The display isn't relevant and may cause confusion. Perhaps they removed it in later batches. Some comfirmation from Topping would be nice.
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