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Topping D50

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by junki, Apr 8, 2018.
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  1. Ripper2860
    I've been running with a USB audio cable that has 5v+ and GND removed and have had no issues in 30+ days. None of the potential 'sync' issues what-so-ever. And I listen to my D50 a lot!! :D

    I also strongly recommend the Jameco 5v linear power supply. :wink:
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  2. carlmart
    For removing the ground wire I would recommend some caution. I was recommended not to touch that wire, and some on this very same topic reported problems with that.
  3. ggillies
    Hum SOLVED!!!!

    Here's something I just figured out:

    I had a slight hum on my Topping D50. I tried plugging and unplugging various cables and THOUGHT I had tracked the source down to my USB cable from my Skull Canyon NUC to the Topping. I swapped various USB cables in and out and it made almost no difference, BUT........ I unplugged my MONITOR cable and BINGO!!! All noise gone! I tried a different cable and different port from my NUC to my monitor and by using a Mini display port to Mini display port cable from NUC to monitor, ALL noise was gone. The previous cable had been an HDMI to full-sized displayport cable, so it had absolutely ZERO to do with my USB connection/cable and it points to the VIDEO cable/connector in my particular case.

    I tracked this noise issue down, by wearing my headphones at full volume from my Darkvoice 336SE amp while still connected to the Topping, but with no music playing. I removed various cable whilst wearing the headphones and when I disconnected the Video cable, the noise disappeared! IF YOU DUPLICATE THIS, BE AWARE THAT ANY NOISES COULD DAMAGE YOUR HEARING AS THEY WILL BE VERY, VERY LOUD!!!!!

    So check your video connection from your PC to your monitor and try unplugging it while you are listening and see what happens.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2019
  4. Taz777
    Someone else on here should be able to advise you.

    I'm using an iMac running macOS with my D50 so no drivers were needed. The port itself shouldn't matter. A USB 3.0 port won't make any difference as the 'best' connection you'll get between your PC and the Topping D50 will be USB 2.0.
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  5. Technopiper
    Just placed an order for the D50. A question: If I'm playing DSD files, does it have to be in exclusive mode, say through WASAPI or ASIO? In other words, I cannot have game audio while playing DSD music at the same time? Thanks!
  6. the associate
    Not sure if this has been discussed yet or whether or not this sort of thing is believed in by the majority on here, but a friend of mine bought one of these several months ago and claims that it required a very long time to 'run in' and reach it's full potential.

    He wasn't hugely impressed with it at first, but says it got a whole lot better.
  7. Jearly410
    I’ve heard no such thing from my d50.
  8. the associate

    Just passing on what he told me, I'm open to the possibility that it could be his imagination. :slight_smile:
  9. PointyFox
    It's his imagination.
  10. the associate
  11. HiFiRebel
    Agreed. I have noticed no such thing with mine. It was good from the start and still is.
  12. andrewinukm
    Just bought a DAC DAC HS recently for a good price. It's SPDIF input only, so I got a really old m2tech Hiface to go with it.
    DAC DAC HS is about 2dB louder at line out.

    After matching volume, the only difference I heard between D50 vs DAC DAC HS is the lack of hum on my speakers for DAC DAC (sorry guys, I'm not a headphone user).

    Any difference between the 2 DACs are too minimal for me to tell. And an owner compared DAC DAC HS to his more expensive Exogal Comet.

    I thought the $990 DAC DAC HS is going to beat the D50 easily. I will need more listening test, and possible at a friend's high end system to see if there's a significant difference that I can observe.

    I would conclude that if your gears (amps, headphones, speakers) are about similar price level of D50, you probably need to upgrade to a DAC costing $1500 before you would be able to really hear an improvement. D50 is very very good value.

    Speakers: Audience The One V2
    Amp: Nuforce STA200
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  13. Technopiper
    Got my D50 and just set it up. Here's some discovery:
    1. With optical cable, I can't get DSD to play. I get PCM up to 24/192 as stated on the official site.
    2. With usb, Windows 8.1 don't recognize D50 until I installed the official Topping driver.
    3. With usb, to play DSD you must have the official Topping driver as well as the software. With just the driver I get PCM as high as 24/192.

    How do I installed the drivers without installing the software? I installed the software then copy the folder (C:\Program Files\Topping\) to another location. Uninstall the software. From "Device Manager", I manually install the driver for D50 by pointing to the new location. I am system OCD and avoid installed softwares if at all possible. :wink:

    4. To play DSD native on foobar, you must have ASIO and DSD Transcoder installed. I get as high as DSD512 this way.
    5. For DSD DOP on foobar, you just need ASIO. Pick "Topping USB Audio Device" under "ASIO drivers". WASAPI is not needed at all.

    I opt for DSD DOP since the only reason I get the D50 is for DSD. DSD512 files could hardly be found. The one I got was up converted from DSD256. I downloaded it just to test the native capability of the D50. I have promptly deleted it.

    My experience so far: I could hardly tell the difference between 16/44 and DSD. No complaint here because I think the D50 is a nifty little DAC and the price is affordable. Just want to test the DSD-craze first hand and it seems to me there isn't much to it.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
  14. Technopiper
    I have yet to comment on the sound quality. Compared to my older DAC (Topping D3), the D50 sounds more three dimensional. I listened to Die Walküre on speakers and the soft whispers sound like they are right beside my ears. Or I could be suffering from the placibo effect. :wink:
  15. Acke
    You understand it only allows DoP64 over SPDIF? For SPDIF that usually means using WASAPI, Some software can be awkward with DoP over wasapi I noticed, but it should be possible, was this HQPlayer you tried?
    DoP is DSD in a PCM container, it can work up to 256 DSD since D50 supports 705.6kHz.

    As for DSD to PCM conversion, I agree there is little difference, and personally I dont like it because it seems to add very subtle distortion to the sound, but a pleasant kind and it might bring out some other details better than PCM. The main point is how its handled differently upstream, it has been said that Sabres DACs like D50 will not get the full theoretical benefits of DSD conversion that other DACs will.

    I highly recommend trying real DSD recordings to hear what it can sound like. a good example is Hoff Ensemble - Quiet Winter Night.
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