To be a headphone amp or not a headphone amp - that is thee question
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Feb 8, 2012
I am looking at buying an amp for my headphones to use with my laptop
I have a FiiO E6 already and I like a would really like a USB amp like a E10, E7 or E17
But I have also come across some of Creative's products like
Creative Labs 70SB109500002 Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 PRO Sound Card: Computers & Accessories
Creative Labs 70SB129000002 Sound Blaster X-Fi Go PRO USB Sound Card: Computers & Accessories
Will these work similar to the FiiO amps or are they entirely different products? what category do those creative products fall in to - amp or external sound card? and what is the difference
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The Fiio E17 are battery powered USB DAC/AMPs and they sound better than laptop included soundcards. There various prices for these AMPs/DAC to use with laptop and they are portable. Fiio E17, iBasso D7(not battery powered but sound so amazing, desktop level soundquality and work with laptops), XM6 are recommended and they all fall in different price catogaries.
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The e17 is an incredible sounding portable amp/dac. I'm not using the portable atm but as a desktop amp. It is an impressive portable device to say the least.

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