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thebit Opus#1 DAP from South Korea

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by cosmicholyghost, Dec 25, 2015.
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  1. uzi2
    Well that's taken a long time. Too long for me as I cannot access settings on my Opus#1. I can pull down the menu, but no response from the settings symbol. Any helpful suggestions welcome...
  2. jeffhawke
    I assume you tried a factory reset, right?
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  3. uzi2
    I'm only aware of the long press on power button. I don't suppose there are any other keypress combinations, that would work? I don't think it can be a hardware problem as the digitiser responds everywhere else on the screen and appears to respond to a long press in the top right corner, by lighting up the top of the screen. A short press just clears the pull down menu.
  4. captblaze
    all I can say is wow and I am surprised. I had given up hope that the Bit was going to finish off those remaining issues.

    I stand corrected
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  5. xavierng1
    try a factory reset first and let us know how it goes! :)
  6. captblaze
    Avoid the new update... I lost line out and gain control... Will try to test and reset to see if it corrects the issue I am having...

    Update... A factory reset corrects the issue

    Update #2... looks like the line out works, but still no gain control
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
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  7. uzi2
    Do you mean the Factory Reset option that you can only access from settings?
  8. jpgr
    It was left charging overnight so should be fully charged.
    Battery indicator shows 1% plugging into the mains shows 53%. Can't update to latest firmware unless the battery indicator shows at least 50%. Anyone any ideas?
  9. mbwilson111
    Are you using the cable that came with it? I have had problems with other cables.
  10. jpgr
    I've tried another cable and the battery seems to be charging. I will keep an eye on it.
  11. lotech
    while I've had the 10 second issue a few times it's not that much of an issue that I need to install this update
    I use line out and gain control a fair amount and don't want to lose those options.
    Think I'll wait and see what others find before I update my firmware.
    I've found the Opus to be particularly sensitive to differences in USB cables
  12. captblaze
    I have an email submitted with my findings. I will post an update if I receive one, but I definitely don't have any gain control. if I remember correctly this happened once before and was corrected rather quickly
  13. m8o
    Lol ... and here I just updated to 2.00.07 the past weekend.

    Thank for the reports. I'll wait a bit and see if there is a .09 soon.
  14. mbwilson111
    It did happen once before and was corrected quickly. I have done the update and am ok for now. I tend to just use medium gain anyway and that seems to be what it is stuck in now. I will be so happy if I never see that 10 second bug ever again. It happened to me so often that I had stopped using my Opus.

    Not only the Opus but also my Cayin N3 and my Hidizs AP200. Those are usb C. I had to buy aftermarket cable for them. At least the stock Opus cable works.
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  15. captblaze
    that's where I seem to be stuck at (medium gain). I was concerned when the lineout function didn't work, although a reset ironed that out. I am hoping that my email gets some notice and engineering patches things quickly
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