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thebit Opus#1 DAP from South Korea

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by cosmicholyghost, Dec 25, 2015.
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  1. orsonwellz
    Good to see that the firmware update has finally arrived! Bad to learn that it's apparently not a finished work.

    Many thanks to captblaze for taking point on this one. Sorry to hear about the gain problem, but like mbwilson111, the way I typically use the OPUS has me continually frustrated by the 10-second glitsch.

    Which is to say, I think I'll go ahead and install the damn thing and hope that medium gain (piped through my Magni3) is enough to handle my HE400i until the gain patch arrives.

    I'll drop back later to report on how the firmware is performing on my beloved OPUS #1.
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  2. orsonwellz
    Good news. All is well. Knock on wood.

    I installed the 2.00.08 OPUS#1 firmware and, much to my surprise, I did not encounter either the gain or the line out issues cited by other early installers.

    And best of all (for those few of us who care), the 10-second problem has indeed been addressed.

    Very nice work, Audio-Opus...or theBit...or whatever you're calling yourselves at the moment. This update seems to have made an already very solid piece of software just that much better. It's been a long time in coming, it's true, but it's much appreciated nonetheless.
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  3. Niyologist
    Great. So no need to upgrade to another DAP. I was gonna go for the OPUS #3. That's the only decent upgrade from what I'm use to thus far.
  4. jeffhawke
    Unfortunately, I have some not-so-good news for you:

    Re:Opus#1 problem, setting didn't work

    2017-11-06 17:21
    I have a problem with opus#1 recently, the player run good, i can access balance output, eq, line out, etc from notification bar, but then i cannot open settings or options...
    I'm thinking to factory reset the devices since it is android based, but i remember the options is under settings which i cannot access...
    Is there any solutions or hard reset key? Because vol down + power or vol up + power wont work as other android devices do...
    Please help

    Dear Customer,

    Opus does not support the factory reset function( except the setting menu).

    We repaired a set that was similar to your set( “setting” or “Library” icon dose not run),

    And most of the sets were damaged the touch panels.

    After reviewing your Opus, if the touch panel is not a problem, the cost of replacing the touch panel will not occur.

    However, if the touch panel is damaged, it may incur the cost of replacing the touch panel.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Best regards,
    Audio Opus
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  5. uzi2
    It seems like a common problem, but the usual fault is the touch screen. Mine appears to be working as in the example above. A shame they don't expand on the cause of the problem.
  6. xavierng1
    oops sorry i forgot about that haha. From the comments i saw, it seems like you need to replace the touch screen :/
  7. Niyologist
    The latest update made the OPUS #1 sound a bit more transparent and the soundstage is a touch larger. Maybe more resolving as well.
  8. RenatoN
    Installed the new firmware and 10 second bug is gone but gain setting is not responding
  9. captblaze
    my advice (since now there are at least 3 confirmed) is to email the Bit : info@thebit.co.kr with your findings. if they get enough feedback it may help motivate them to get a quick fix out
  10. PinkyPowers
    One of the older firmware versions also broke the gain. lol. theBit needs to learn from past mistakes.
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  11. orsonwellz
    Strange that the gain problem didn't appear when I installed the firmware update.

    Two things to consider in trying to figure this out:
    1) My OPUS#1 is possibly of relatively recent manufacture, since I purchased it just about a month ago. Could that have anything to do with my player (at least so far) not exhibiting the gain or line out glitches others have reported?
    2) I made sure that the gain on my OPUS was set to "high" before I installed the update, just in case what the new firmware actually did was freeze the gain wherever it was currently set. The gain didn't freeze, as it turned out, but might it matter where the gain is set prior to updating in terms of a finding a possible workaround for this bug? Very unlikely it would seem to me, but it might be worth trying just in case there is some connection (that is, of course, unless you're wise enough to hold off on updating until a reliable firmware version arrives).
  12. lrlebron
  13. jeffhawke
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  14. Saoshyant
    I bought that deal when it was 500 around a year ago, and was a steal then by my standards if you can use the IEM. Zero issues from the seller.
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  15. lrlebron
    I know this is subjective but which would be a better IEM for the Opus 1, the Fidue A83 or the iBasso IT01?
    I tend to listen to classical and jazz most of the time.
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