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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. AudioNewbi3
    I thought Zhisan DSD only has COAXOUT and not OPTICAL? 

    But I bought my XDUOO X3 for $100 last year so if there are any better upgrade than the Zhisan which can be future proof (i.e can be used as a digital transport for lets say an external dac such as Mojo or the Oppa HA2)?
  2. neog007

    zishan is just coaxial. I thought you prefer optical over coax for digital transport.  Anyway personally I don't know any good dap around 100usd w opt/coax output and dac function, the only one I know is the zishan mini but this one have a lot in common wth the zishan dsd and if you don't like this one...maybe other members can advise you better

    (And btw I've the xDuoo x3 too and it can't really be compared with the zishan that is in another league -not in price fortunately)
  3. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    I found an upgrade PCB for sale that fit's in the D200, cost's $72, pretty cool:
  4. Frederick Wang
    i am apalled by zishan's craftsmanship. After the sudden disappearance of right channen hissing problem following a dropping accident, today it just doesn't work, shut down all of a sudden. i tried to probe the reset button, my needle fell into the opening! they forget to put a reset button in there!
  5. AudioNewbi3
    send it back to Zhisan?

    Crap...now I am really having second thoughs on buying this player....
  6. Frederick Wang
    I talked to the the maker and demand a full refund, which I believe is only fair, but they refused on the ground that 1. I bought the original Player more than 1 week ago, and 2. the upgrade is irreversible. 
    Now I have to ask taobao to rule over the dispute. 
  7. nick n
    jeeze I hope the 15v upgrade avoids these issues.
    Or are those? Will find out.
    Sorry to hear!
  8. AudioNewbi3
    Shytz.....never heard of Taobao dispute before, cause I was lucky enough that I never had to use it.
    Hope it all works out well for you mate.

    Just a note, are all the Toabao pages selling the Zhisan by the same individual? From looking around Taobao, I can find at least 3 seller under the Zhisan name selling the same player, hving a hard time identifying which is the official seller. 
  9. Frederick Wang
    First time for me too over a QC problem
    I found only 2 sellers and they are from the same city, Wuzhou, Guangxi Province. I don't know their relationships, but can only guess that they maybe are one family or something like that? 
  10. AudioNewbi3
    Guess if I were to buy, I shall buy from this 3rd seller from GuangDong.

    Hopefully then it would perhaps be a seller with better QC? Perhaps?

  11. Frederick Wang
    very unlikely, they are all made by the same guy nicknamed "you ling", or ghost from Wuzhou. In all fairness, the 4 days I had with stock Zishan I encountered 0 problem and was very pleased, otherwise I wouldn't sign up for upgrade.

    If you were to buy, make sure the first thing you do with it is to poke the reset button with a really long needle to make sure it is there and wouldn't lose your precious needle.
  12. Frederick Wang
    I apologize. I assumed "You ling" from Wuzhou is the maker of Zishan, it might not be the case. 
    The seller from Guangdong has sold more Zishan players over the years, and only "You ling" offers an upgrade program, and it was You Ling's upgrade messed up my player. 
  13. AudioNewbi3
    So if I buy from the Guangdong seller, fingers crossed everything will be okay.......
  14. neog007
     my needle fell into the opening! they forget to put a reset button in there!
    Jeeze you're full of bad luck!. Mine came with the reset button as its obvious I had to use it only once [​IMG]
  15. Frederick Wang
    You are so lucky! I'm so sad without my needle
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