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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. weedophile

    Sounds like one way to fix the problem lol! Waiting for my purchase now that i heard so many problems with this. Hopefully though it wont have any problems, hopefully.
  2. neog007

    ​Well and what are your impressions paired with the beyers? Do you find it too colored/fatiguing too? 
  3. Frederick Wang
    So far so good. But since I'm not a collector, I sold my other source (Mojo) once I get Zishan, I cannot make any comparison now. 
    I prefer to use Zishan PO than LO to Stepdance amp though. the later is smoother but also less clarity, which I don't like.
    From memory, Zishan + T90 is suits my taste much better than Mojo + HE400i 
    T90 is still less than 1 day old, I'm expecting changes for the better in the days to come. 
    Very nice headphone, and Zishan has no problem driving it. 
  4. Frederick Wang
    9 clock makes t90 loud enough
  5. neog007
    Yes LO has a more analog sound so you can choose between 2 sound signatures in the zishan that's great.
    I find Tesla technology very interesring. If I had to choose between tesla and planar I'd be in a dilemma...
  6. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Just found out there is a new D200 coming out in a few weeks called D200+, it will have balanced amp output (3.5mm TRRS) and native dsd as well. It will only cost $20 more. It's fully balanced topology from dac output through to amp and vol pot, should sound pretty darn nice:
    Below D200+ on the left and D200 V4 on the right. Basically the D200+ needs double the output opamps, double the output transistors, double the output capacitors, and double size volume pot (balanced), to achieve the balanced output.
    And as you can see there is always trade-offs inside every dap, there is only so much you can do with a limited space, by needing 4x capacitors they have had to use smaller ones than original D200 as well as no longer able to change the LPF opamps, stuck with OPA2134 which is pretty good but not awesome.
    As a result, listening in single ended would actually sound better on the D200 V4. But I'm pretty tempted to get the D200+ for Class A Balanced [​IMG] The only other dap with Class A Balanced is Pono, another great dap I happen to own.
    TB2MFsCam0jpuFjy0FlXXc0bpXa_380726423.png TB2mol_c31I.eBjSszeXXc2hpXa_380726423.png
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  7. musicday
  8. neog007
    $260 for a true balanced dap with that components is really good no doubt, even without the Eq feature. I hope the zishan maker or other one could have an upgrade like that or a whole new player with true BA -better 2,5 trrs- around $200. That'd make me jump to the BA world.
  9. sososerious

    Damnit, just literally purchased a used pono this morning but this would have fit my requirements without the awkward triangle form factor!
  10. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    This dap is bigger and heavier than you think, Pono is far more portable, but yeah the triangle isn't the most user friendly shape.
  11. waynes world
    When you get the D200+, I'll be looking forward to the comparison between it and the Pono!
  12. bzfrank
    The Zishan is a lot, but not analog in signature. [​IMG]

    I found the Bayer Teslas (tried T51) nothing to call home about... my favorite is the Phonon SMB-02, underrated gem.
  13. neog007
    Yes ur right that's why I said LO "more" analog sound than PO, take it literally! :D
    I tried the t51i too but I don't think this portable Tesla headphone can be fairy compared with his big Tesla brothers. Anyway I didn't keep it.
  14. AudioNewbi3
    With all the feedback here then, can anyone recommend at better player than the Xduoo X3 at around the same price which can be used as a digital transport (due to Zhisan's Coax Out).

  15. neog007
    Do you mean a player w optical out instead coaxial out?
    Anyway it must be pretty hard to find since the x3 is right now at $79
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