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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. nick n
    ^ ok posted your image for you :)
  2. lovehikki
  3. neog007
    Not possible unless you figure out how to increase the space between boards. you can try it with the player open and the boards separated a little bit() single version)
  4. musicday
    Maybe someone can make a bigger and thicker case for the Zishan to accommodate a bigger battery and other bigger capacitors,etc?
    The case is simple so such mod is easily done for someone who has the skills and tools.
    What do you guys think?
  5. T.R.A.N.C.E.

    That is one of the reasons I bought the Smart D200, it is thicker than zishan, there is more room for opamp or capacitor. Sparkos opamp still wont fit, but I think burson V5i might. Metal can T099 opamp will fit in D200, but they didn't fit in stock zishan.
  6. vapman
    Where did you get yours from? I am more interested in D200 than Zishan to be honest.
  7. musicday
    Smart D200 doesn't play DSD at all and cannot be used be used as USB DAC.https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32613749934.html?trace=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail&productId=32613749934&productSubject=Nondestructive-Smart-Player-D200-AK4495SEQ-interchangeable-op-amp
    Price 313.50 USD.
    Not worth it for me.
  8. T.R.A.N.C.E.

    Its CNY1460 on Taobao, will get you the link later as I'm not at home atm.

    Yesh its dissapointing that the zishan has a better cpu and features at such a lower price point, but aune m2s also uses same cpu as d200 and the aune costs $650...

    For me personally I don't use dsd, eq or usb dac, so I was fine getting the d200 for its better analog and dac circuits than zishan, and much nicer build. But all of these daps are rippoffs compared to The Walnut.
  9. neog007
    Bass is very importante to me. Do you think the bass is better -quantuty, quality-in the d200 tjan in the zishan?
  10. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    My comparison is done with Muses01 in Zishan LPF, and Muses02 in D200 amp output (2x Muses8920 in LPF). D200 has slightly less bass in quantity, but higher in quality. Zishan has some mid bass bloom (like walnut) which creates some nice slam and body, but sacrifices tonal qualities, while the D200 is leaner (only slightly) and also slightly less defined bass (smoother), yet the sub bass tones are more apparent in the D200, even though they are not forward in volume. It is not a bass heads player, the walnut and Zishan are better for that. The D200 is very balanced, details are better presented against a black background, it is also flatter in presentation, the bass, mids and treble are more accurate in tone, timbre and texture, D200 is just more realistic in every way imo. The Zishan sounds slightly more "3D", and at first you find this impressive, but when you compare to D200, which sounds flatter at first, but soon you realize the Zishan is a fake 3D, the sounds do not have accurate stereo field, just mish mash 3D, more forceful but less refined, while it sounds more "fun", an audiophile in search of accuracy will take the D200 presentation everyday. Also fine detail is easier heard in the D200, it is more revealing of your source file, for example, MP3 sounds better on Zishan than D200, for D200 minimum is 16/44 imo. But the D200 UI is pretty bad, and misses inputs sometimes, needing two button press to recognize input sometimes. But the PCB and soldering on the D200 is much higher quality than the Zishan. Also volume pot of D200 is higher quality, it has nice smooth gradual increase in volume, while Zishan goes from low to high volume quickly at the beginning of the pot.  I will be selling my Zishan as D200 is better though. If anyone wants a cheap Zishan then let me know. Just keep in mind D200 is actually quite a bit bigger than zishan, it is not very portable. Fyi, Walnut is still far and away the best value, you gain higher sound accuracy by spending on these more complex daps, but really you don't actually gain that much enjoyment from accuracy, the Walnut sound is about as enjoyable as daps get really, regardless of price. The D200 is more likely to give you goosebumps due to it's higher realism though, but the Walnut is just groovy and simple.

    D200 on Taobao: https://world.taobao.com/item/520794156511.htm

    Also lets remember D200 has swappable amp! One of the only daps around with this, my impressions are with Muses02 used, but there are other opamps out there with more bass, I haven't tried AD827SQ or any others yet. Going to be fun times with D200.
  11. bzfrank
    I concur. The Zishan sound signature is at first impressive but could be tiring in the long run. First I thought its because of the default 'turbo mode' (high gain) but even in low gain its noticeable, especially with IEMs like the SW III or TK13 - a bit like being too close to a jackhammer for too long. [​IMG]
    EQ helps but to my ears the iHifi990 and even the iHifi812v2 are better - at least for my choice of IEMs.
  12. neog007
    Well it appears that the zishan has too much energetic sound that may cause fatigue after a while. It's a fun sound you can get tired somehow, I don't know with the upgrades -still waiting for mine here and it will probably be a long process I think.... Anyway remember that the stock oamp makes the sound a little bit metallic you can always change it that'd help. It shouldn't a reason to reject it, each player has his highs and lows but I still think the zishan is just more than great for the price, look at the competition around $130....
    I looked at the d200 when I "discovered" the zishan, but man it's almost 3x more expensive. Anyway the thing is if, at the price point of the d200, can the other players compete with it in sound terms? -as in other characteristics like UI, eq, DAC functionality etc they may be mainly winner- but I'm interested in the d200 more than in his competition to be honest.
    I have both and I agree the walnut is the real deal, but it's not a player for all-purpose and the limitations are clear for large amount of files management.
    Btw I don't care too much about the he size but I'm just curious I'd appreciate a picture side by side zishan-d200 and let us know if the bass - quantity- improves with other oamps. It's a pity it does not have eq I don't care too much about it with the walnut it's a 24$ player and it's well balanced - still I would raise the bass 1 or 2 bars to be honest maybe I'm a little bit basshead I confess- but it's quite not understandable in a 320$ player that wants to be a success not to have EqI think -well the xDuoo x3 has no eq and it was due to the lack of support but an external to the company rockbox implementation have solved that issue with an awesome parametric eq-
    nick n likes this.
  13. nick n

    Appreciate all that will wait to see when it shows on ebay.
    Unless it is already there under misnamed header. ( IS IT???)
    Not a user of EQ, DSD, or USB DAC here either.
    Sorry about that I should have not derailed the thread, keep getting mixed up  in these particluar threads.
  14. Frederick Wang
    Something weird happened. I reported that my upgraded Zishan (PSU + #5) had hiss problem with the right channel. The reason I haven't sent it back was that I have been waiting for my Beyerdynamic T90 to arrive and tested the pairing-up together before I decide what to do. 
    During the test, I dropped Zishan to wood floor by accident. And I didn't hear hiss problem with T90, then I switched back to my earbuds, no hiss whatsoever... 
    But I wouldn't recommend dropping it as a solution to the owners who has similar problem, though. 
  15. bzfrank
    All in line with my experience. Something either reconnected (in the case of a cold joint) or disconnected (in the case of debris on the PCB) due to the shake. I would not count on it being permanent though.
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