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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    No dsd and no volume adjustment, it is a straight dac for connecting to an amp. Their next model up has native dsd and dac/amp combo. 

    Pono is $199 atm, use code: 

    But that's for USA, although can use a shipping forwarder and you will have pono at your door for around $230
  2. weedophile
    Cant wait to get my Zishan next week even though all the negative reviews. Mine was a Sansa Fuze 1st Gen which is still going strong after all these years and the Zishan would be my first Hifi player purchase.

    Just praying it would last me for a couple of years as i still dont have the knowledge to mod the player myself.
  3. AudioNewbi3
    Hmm, then after I buy my 560 Zhisan perhaps I'll swap it with the Muses 01 for the LPF. Any idea which store in Taobao sells original Muses?
    Frederick Wang likes this.
  4. JASru
    The risk of getting the fake one is too High. Better go Ebay. You can find the official resellers list on JRC website.
  5. CactusPete23
    Sorry, I am new to HiRes terminology...    What does the "following a dropping accident" refer to ?     
  6. Frederick Wang
    I meant that after I dropped the machine on the floor, the hissing problem suddenly disappeared. It is not terminology. Apologize if I didn't put it clear.
    bedny likes this.
  7. notamethlab
    He dropped it on accident...
  8. Frederick Wang
    I must admit a stupid mistake I have made hence the wrongful accusation, what I thought was a reset opening was actually the indication light opening, that's where I lost my needle into. I just corrected this on the Taobao dispute page. 
    The rest remains, machine still doesn't work, and I found that if you push your needle in the reset opening, you can still slip it into the machine, it is not sealed. 
    Again, apologize for my misleading information. 
  9. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Switched out the LPF to 2x Muses01, sound become smoother and sweeter, vocals more natural and emotional, but actually I think I prefer the harder, faster sound of Muses8920 in the LPF (for electronic music), otherwise most would prefer Muses01, very beautiful it sounds!
    Fyi Muses8920 and Muses01 are completely different opamps, Muses01 is NOT a better version of Muses8920 like most people seem to think.
    I think I win the award for most Muses in a dap on Head-fi though [​IMG] (Btw the second muses is blurry from the camera not in actuality). Now which opamp to try next.
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  10. weedophile
    Got my Zishan today, am still trying. OOTB they dont blow me away but the UI is smooth and everything seems responsive.

    Gotta listen to it more before i can comment on anything!
  11. neog007
    nice that someone posts everything is fine with the machine. Wich other players had you in the past-present beside the zishan?
  12. musicday
    I would love to buy another Zishan but i don't have good experience with the eBay seller.Still no refund and the broken player is nearly back with him.
    I will wait few more days and escalade the problem.
  13. neog007
    man these things take time especially with Chinese sellers anyway the zishan is very unique it has a really fun and energetic sound and quite precise at the same time. I miss my zishan too -that is in the upgrade process... I hope..- well I have the walnut that is in the same sound direction... but it´s not the same you know
  14. bzfrank
    I got the leather case today...
    In comparison with the DX90 and iHifi 990 case:
  15. bzfrank
    This is a combo where this little bugger sounds simply GREAT!
    Zishan + Little Bear 4 portable tube amp (modded to OPA2107) @ Shockwave III
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